September 21, 2014

Overstock/Clearance Items are updated and ready for final sale

The overstock item list has been dusted off and is updated for September.

Browse through these closeouts and specials to find a unit to meet your needs.

Remember, add these to your existing order and in most cases they will ship FREE

September 20, 2014

Searching for a Double Conversion 3000va 120volt UPS

My opinion on double conversion units is pretty clear, but for those that still want a low voltage Online Double Conversion 3000 120 volt system, a quick summary is provided.

p9312 p9312 p9312 p9312
Brand Powerware Tripplite APC Liebert
Make PW9125 SmartOnline Smart RT GXT2
Sku p9312 to313 313g3 lg312
Size 2U / Tower 3U 3U / Tower 2U /Tower
Wattage 2100 2400 2100 2100
PDU Ready(1) Yes Yes No (4) Yes
Battery (2) 504 504 960 504
Lots of proven performance.  Rock solid design.

Often the best value, especially for longer runtime needs

The most popular.  Alot more base runtime included

Best unit for generators. Also great for frequency changing
Price(3) $599  $679  $899  $664
Sept '14 sale $599

  1. Whether it includes a twistlock port for connection of PDUs, such as L5-30P
  2. Battery VAH capacity, which relates to runtime
  3. Prices as per Sept '14, subject to change
  4. Look for the 313g4tL unit for twistlock backplate

September 19, 2014

Topix IV - 3phase units

Many emails start out... "I need a 3phase UPS for my...."

In most cases, I will try to steer the customer to a particular model or family of products, but 3phase is very different.  There are SO many combinations and configurations, that it can be very daunting to search out 3phase units.

Many other guys list their units with partial specs and runtimes.  Some include batteries, others sell a size, but not a brand, etc.

At GreenLightUPS we want the 3phase UPS buying experience to be simple and honest.  So start out at our 3phase page to see our real stock items and the relative prices and features

September 17, 2014

Topix 3 - Exclusives

Knee deep in the grind of the UPS business, I often forget how different GreenLightUPS is compared to other UPS firms.  While the other guys arent bad, our business is a bit different...

Whether we call them Frankensteins, GreenLightLAB Rats, or Monsters... we make a lot of special UPSes for our customers.  While some never make it past one prototype, others are more successful.

Its important to recall these EXCLUSIVES.   Check out our "Only at GreenLight" and see what you dream of when all you do is UPS work..

September 16, 2014

Topix Page 2 - Symmetra page

Symmetra is synonymous with reliability and quality.  It is THE UPS for those needing redundancy, growth potential and low maintenance.

However, there are many lines of the Symmetras.  Some are discontinued, but all them are stocked by GreenlightUPS.

So enjoy our starting page that explains the lines and the products

September 15, 2014

Our best selling units

Its sad, but we used to Blog about our top 5 selling units nearly every few months.   But as my blogging became sparse, the postings on popular units slipped away.

No longer!.  After a 4 year absence, here is the update.

  1. APC Smart UPS 2200 2U (202b) -  its a great base unit
  2. Dell Smarter UPS 750 (e700) - we had so many at one time we built walls with them
  3. APC Smart UPS 1500 2U (402b) - the world's most popular UPS, always backordered
  4. APC Smart Online 5000 (593g4) - Our Official Unit
  5. APC Smart UPS 3000 XL (313b) - #2 back in 2010... still in demand

September 14, 2014

TopixPage 1 - The APC Smart UPS RT

Many customers call and ask us advice on UPS systems.  In many cases we send them to our custom UPS family pages for assistance in designing and choosing their systems.

The first Topix page to remember is the APC Smart-UPS On-Line RT Page.

Inside you will find the entire list of APC RT units.  Thes true online units are available in nearly 30 combinations and configurations.  While we stock most of them, this quick page gives you the comparisons and features quickly and easily

September 9, 2014

3 phase Installation Idea #25

Well maybe, its not that many ideas that I have sketched out, but in our history I have done several line drawings to show how best to use the 3phase systems.

So for so called idea #25... lets look at a Symmetra VT unit powering two machines.

In this case, we connect the VT with a 10' power cable to a 3phase 100 amp panel or disconnect. Then on the back on the VT, we mount a micro panel with breakers for 2 machines.  Out of the micro panel, power cable connects to the equipment.

This is a clean and simple installation.  Everything is in portable power cable so locations can be changed without expensive inside wiring.   Plus we can sell you all these parts.

Remember since GreenLightUPS is also an electrical contractor, we know how to keep costs low. The last thing we want is for you to save $4000 buying our system, only to have your electrician charge you crazy money to hook it up.

Full plans here

September 8, 2014

I need a 10kva 3phase UPS

Got a great inquiry today from a customer looking for an affordable 10kva 3phase UPS.

The short answer was ...
Sorry, there are none.

The more political answer should have been...
If affordable half the price of, then we have several options

The problem is that 3 phase anything gets expensive fast.  In electrical, 3 phase panels, services, transformers, and wiring is always about twice the cost of regular single phase power.

If we compare the APC Smart UPS 10kva single phase UPS with the APC Symmetra PX 10kva 3phase UPS you will see the differences.

Smart UPS 10kva
Symmetra PX 10kva
V. Outputs
120, 120/240, 120/208
120, 120/240, 120/208, 208 Wye
Unit Price /kva
Install Cost
Hardwire + Receptacles
Hardwire Only

As you can see the 3phase provides the same kva but at over twice the price and requires extensive input and output wiring costs.

So when does the 3phase system make sense?  For 2 reasons:

  • If your output requires 3phase power  or
  • If you are likely to grow over 16kva

September 4, 2014

GreenLightUPS on the web....

The GreenLightUPS brand and story is all over the web.  Join in, Follow us, Like Us, or Review Us.

September 1, 2014

Best of the Blog 2009-2014 - Advice I

Resuming blogging in 2014, its probably wise to highlight the best posts from the last few years.

Re-reading them now, its clear that some should never be mentioned again.   But here are the truly valuable ones or at least not completely full of BS.

Best Advice Posts

Worst Analogies

  • Dell's High Efficiency Online units being the essence of the universe
    • Dell's High Efficiency Online UPS is a hybrid of them all.   It has online isolating features when you need them and line interactive features when you dont.  If the balancing rock is the moderating line interactive and the lone tree in field is the isolating online.. then maybe this image is the combination:.finite and lonely but bearing the entire human species through the oceans of space and time.

Blogging Returns

I finally ran out of excuses for not restarting the Blog...
I know many people still turn to it for advice, innovations, and a way to gauge our company's personality.
So it with that fact, that I resume.

Here we go...