May 13, 2013

newsLightUPS Volume 1

As some have you experienced, we include a variety of items in our orders. Sometimes its sunflower seeds, or a granola bar or mint candy....
But now, we are including a flyer about some specials in a newsletter called newsLightUPS

The first edition is out and can viewed here or downloaded as a PDF.

Efficiency, Dells, Overstock and Surplus batteries were featured in this issue.

May 11, 2013

Product Conditions - Starter, Refurb, Newy and New

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we stock many APC models in different product conditions.

To help budget conscious customers, we introduced our Starter class of products.  These products are fully refurbished, but have starter batteries installed instead of our new Powersonics.  These starter batteries are typically high quality batteries that were never used but have past their sell-by date.  Since batteries must be recharged every 6months or they wont meet their specs, many go stale in warehouses.   However once recharged they typically have most of their original performance

Another class is the Newy.  Here our motivation was to provide our customers a New like product without the crazy new cost.  The Newy unit is an unused unit that expired on the shelf and was liquidated.  We strip the batteries and reinstall FRESH Genuine APC brand batteries.  So in essence you are getting a new product at a great savings.

Learn more about our product conditions here.