October 27, 2014

Why are your battery prices so high... compared with other sites?

As I have said before, surprisingly, we really don't sell a lot of batteries for a battery backup company.

If you need replacement batteries or RBC packs, there are lots of good businesses that specialize in that work.  Our friend Anton at ExcessUPS delivers a high quality RBC type product with fast shipping, cute boxes, and good quality control.  We are electricians and our techs are better at unit repair and refurbishment.  We also sell batteries as well, but our standards are a bit different.

If you buy units or batteries from us you will get the highest quality and freshest product.  
because we  don't stock many batteries at all.. We get our batteries from the Southeast regional Powersonic distributor down the street.  When we go, we always pick the freshest batteries.

But Store X has the same Powersonic battery for 1/2 the price...
Here could be some reasons:

  1. In order to get really good prices, you must buy containers of batteries and make annual commitments.  So in many cases, just like car dealers, the actual sale is done for a loss or break even, but you make your "profit" through incentives or increased access to another product.
  2. A vendor is selling off stock from distributors or other vendors.  In that case you may be getting older batteries.  After 6 months the batteries aren't new anymore according to APC.  After a year, they are essentially scrap.  But to a large eCommerce vendor, they expect their customers wont notice or care and can pass the savings on.  

October 17, 2014

A GreenLightning Sale! - SUA1500RM2U - $325 with delivery

Wow.. after searching the globe for them.. we finally unearthed a mother-lode of SUA1500RM2Us.   These units are in great shape and are the first to get the TURK testing machine treatment.. for 100% performance.  from $325 delivered

Here is the exclusive link

October 11, 2014

The Secret Symmetra RM 7800 Model

One reason I love my job is that we are always learning... be it a strange UPS failure, a simple repair trick, an electrical mishap or a quirky UPS spec.

This weekend we got something that combined many of my favorite challenges.

A Symmetra RM unit was powering a lab instrument and during the few seconds of start-up it was going to overload.  It worked fine other than that, but the daily overload alarms were causing concern for our customer.

We checked out and the instrument was peak loading to 26 amps at 208 volt.   The customer dreaded to replace this great unit, but he thought he had no other choice.

Good-News-Bob to the rescue.......!

While 26 amps at 208 volt exceeds the 4200 watt Symmetra, this little guy has an overload cushion built in.   Simply install a 4th power module and the 4200 watt limit is increased by 30%.    While its not permanent, it lasts upto 10 minutes.. more than enough for start-ups.

Bottomline the Symmetra 6000 can become a 7800!

October 9, 2014

PowerTower Systems - Days of runtime with a UPS

Many people are faced with needing a ridiculous amount of runtime and dont have the option for a generator.

People start looking for a UPS that can backup some critical equipment for a day.

With that in mind, we created the PowerTower line of UPS systems.

The PowerTower is a regular UPS with giant battery cabinets attached.  The above installation needed 500watts for 24hours.  

They got it with a APC Smart UPS 2200 plus three (3) Big Momma packs.  This unit had 12 car sized batteries in it, but delivered.

Beware, they are very expensive.  This PowerTower23 cost over $3500 dollars.  But compared with a $18,000 generator or $9500 UPS recommend by APC... The Power Tower met its need

Call or email us about your PowerTower dream

October 6, 2014

Goodbye Amanda, Hello Green Lightning!

Its hard to believe that its been over 5 years since we started this GreenLightUPS venture.

In the early days when we migrated from WeBobUPS to GreenLight we adopted the friendly face of "Amanda" holding the Green bulb as our moniker.  She has been serving us well, with her smiling green eyes.  However with adoption of the Green Lightning theme, we have begun to phase her out.

We will miss her.. but the Green Lightning seems better to fit with our new energy and service we are prepared to offer you!

October 5, 2014

Symmetra Mega Sale Begins this Month

Finally with a great selection of Symmetras in Stock, its important to remind you of our SymmUPS.com related pages

Plus we have some offerings that are Very Rare or Exclusive to Greenlight
  • New Unused Surplus 8/16kva LX [SYLX816Q]
  • Symmetra LX 12kva GOLD version w/Free startUp and Premium features [SYLX12tG]
  • New Unused Surplus 6kva RM [SYRM6Q]
  • Symmetra LX 16kva XR GOLD version w/Free startUp [SYLX16XLG]
  • Mint LX 8kva tower system with refurb parts [SYLX8T]