June 2, 2015

Cheap-O Deep-O :: Best Value High Voltage Rackmounts

Can't get enough Cheap O Deep O?

Here are the best High Voltage deals...
Remember, these are the weBob Blog's best bets... You will need call Bob 954-580-4070 or email to get these great deals.

Mid Level High Voltage = the e393z for $397
Get a LCD 3kva high voltage unit for under $400.   These dont have their finishing covers, but they are 100% functional and look great IMO

Full Rack 5kva High Voltage = the hp593 for $797
Its hard to find a better deal for these robust 3U 5kva units.   We got many of them in their original boxes, but no one is buying them.  Price started at over $1300.

High & Low Voltage Solution = the to598 for $1197
Do you still need regular 120v outlets?  Then this puppy is for you.  A true Online unit for pure power with a stepdown transformer.   All for less than most 5kva regular units

Large MultiRack solution = the 796g3 for $1597

While a 8kva unit can be over $2500, the 7500 version by IBM is a small fraction of it

May 28, 2015

Cheap-O Deep-O :: Best Values at GreenLightUPS (LOW VOLTAGE RACK)

Looking for the best values across the many popular specs of UPSes?

Here they are.  While some are older units, others are just great values because of stock levels or buys.  All include new fresh batteries and our 15 month warranties.

Small Rack = the 402c for $227
APC's older cousin to the newer SUA1500RM2U, but at $75 cheaper... its a great buy

Mid Level Rack = the tl262 for $407
Tripplite makes a 2600va unit with extended run and tower or rack mounts.  Nobody thinks of a 2600va, but its a great buy.

3KVA workhorse = the hp312 for $417
A full powered 2U extended run unit with twistlock ports.  These modular units are an impressive buy for those who know that they were made by Powerware.  They look ugly, but for what you save, buy it a nice bow tie and call it a night.

Premium 120v Unit = the to312 for $577
WOW! -- 2U, Online, Extended Run.  We sold these for $799 last year.  This year we get a pallet of them and now the price cant be beat.

Remember, these are the weBob Blog's best bets... You will need call Bob 954-580-4070 or email to get these great deals.

May 17, 2015

Wall mount UPS for emergency lighting needs

Of course you can buy those giant alien bug eye lights as an emergency lighting in your location.  But if you want your existing lighting fixtures (LED, hi hats, or specialty fixture) to have battery backup lighting... you need an inline UPS
Image result for bug eye emergency light

Years ago we made the PowerTower, which supplied battery lighting to customer's stairwell LED lighting system.

But what about smaller applications?

Consider the APC Smart UPS 413H wallmount hardwired battery backup, exclusively from GreenLightUPS.

It has hardwire inputs and ouputs and fits nicely in a meter room.

May 16, 2015

No more I sleep.

What a month for GreenLightUPS!

So many new developments, products and services.   I am going crazy, but I love it,   Its only fitting that one of my favorite artists (Chicane) released a beautiful album with the lead single.. No More I Sleep.

While I personally think the guy in the video looks more sick than tired, its still a great video.

Anyway since No More I Sleep... we have had lots of innovations including

  • Portable Battery Systems - This company commissioned us to make their lithium ion portable battery system.  It looks great and the first few have rolled off our lab.   
  • Emerald warranty service - While 15 months is a good standard warranty, 24 month extended warranty with unlimited phone support, next day battery replacement and webcard monitoring is even better.
  • EasyRBC.com.   Yes, the 15 other sites we run, wasn't enough.   #16 is a site dedicated to local customers needing onsite hassle free battery replacement.  Just send us a text of your failing unit and we come with a replacement
  • NoBuyUPS is off and running.  
  • Michele Aurigemma has joined the team.  She will helping Nicole, Sydney and Katy plus doing some sales.  

May 14, 2015

EasyRBC... a new service for those needing OnSite Hassle Free battery replacement

Its coming! UPS Battery replacement for our local South Florida Customers.   

We are launching a new dedicated site for this service.  

Stay Tuned!

May 11, 2015

Emerald Warranty Program

GreenLightUPS is committed to a higher level of customer service for those customers exp15ecting a stress free UPS battery backup vendor.

So we introduce our Emerald Warranty.  The Emerald Warranty upgrades our already robust and industry leading 15 month warranty to a full two years.

However, there will be a few extra benefits.

  1. Complicated warranties will get sent a webcard so we can monitor and troubleshoot any problems
  2. Using our partners located in 45 cities in the US, out customers can now pickup replacement batteries next day at the distributor
  3. Units will be replaced or loaners provided in the event of a problem
Adding Emerald warranty to your existing order will be easy.  Just look for it on the order page or call us for a quote.

April 11, 2015

Introducing the GO Series of Turnkey UPS System... personally delivered and installed for you

Recently we have noticed many people are requesting that we install their UPS systems.  We have always done this at the lowest cost possible to help our customers.

All this month our techs are criss-crossing  the country (LAX, ATL, MEM, NYC, SJC, DEN, BUF) doing installations or sizings.

So we decided to launch a line of products specifically designed to include Delivery, Installation and StartUp.  Many of these bundles include common add-ons like PDUs, Network cards, and XR run cabinets.

The GO Line is available in only select markets where we have work scheduled ....
Check our GO Page for cities and products.

April 6, 2015

New Symmetras in Stock... For real!, No backorder, No 14day wait, Get it in 2 days

Our friends at APC have made a great UPS system... the Symmetra
However APC just cant keep these new guys in stock.
We are back to a +2 week lead time.

Why wait and waste money?
Buy our New Genuine fresh-on-the-pallet units.
We have the Symmetra RM 6kva and the Symmetra LX XR 16kva

Just one of each is left.  Get them today

March 19, 2015

Greenalapooza! GreenLightUPS Tour Dates Announced

Get ready New York, Tampa, and Southern California!

The GreenLight Band is packing up its batteries and hitting the road.  Cheap Motels and Bad Coffee will keep the team going as we Rock On!

Let us help you while we are in town:
  • On Site UPS Battery Replacement
  • UPS Preventive Maintenance
  • On Site Installation for new orders 
  • Personal UPS design with $199 Power Evaluation

March 8, 2015

The O Series Keeps Growing... Mobile Online UPSes for less

Designed to meet the needs of our customers that wanted long run-time in a single unit that was mobile.

We begin with APC's Smart-UPS On-Line unit that provide high density, true double-conversion on-line power protection.  

Then add extended run cabinets, transformers and or bypasses to complete the unit.  Next we fuse the cabinets and add high quality heavy duty castors.

Why do we do it....?   Because APC doesn't make the Online units with wheels, nor do they offer enough runtime for machinery or equipment. 

The latest Oseries to roll off.... 3kva 200v with 1 XR Cabinet... 393g4eo

March 5, 2015

Newy APC & Eaton Units all with genuine batteries and original boxes for LESS than anyone

Imagine getting a brand new APC UPS with the 2 year no questions asked warranty, new car smell and fresh genuine batteries for about 25% less than CDW or Amazon pricing.

It is possible with the NewLightUPS...

Check our listings...
fresh goodies like a SURT10000RMXLT6U or a PX1500RT or SMX3000RMLV2U... all for rock bottom prices.

And this month only... get a Free New Car Smell scent tree with any newy purchase

March 3, 2015

Options for replacing the APC Matrix 5000 units

Do you have a Matrix 5000 and need to finally upgrade it to something this century?

Oddly enough, there is still nothing that delivers the awesome power and full features of the APC Matrix UPS.

Some of the most important features

  • Split Phase 120/240 and 120v, 208v, 240v outputs
  • 48VDC Battery bus (especially if your batts are still good)
  • Charger capable of charging 17280vah of batteries (4 x SmartCell XR sets)
  • L630 Input
  • Isolation Transformer

Some suggestions include the APC Smart RT XLP Unit (593p4), but that requires a L1430P input and still has that 192v DC bus and no isolation transformer.

Another idea is the APC SmartUPS RT TF3 (593g4s).  Here we have the L630P input and outputs like the matrix, and even the isolation transformer, but still the lousy 192vDC limits

You could go to a Symmetra LX 8kva, which has nearly endless runtime, but the inputs are wrong and still no isolation transformer.

So what do do?

Our best solution is a APC Smart UPS XL TF3 (595bs).  This unit is a 5kva Smart UPS XL line-interactive, tranformer-based unit with a isolation transformer.   It has the right inputs and outputs, plus the transformer and has a nice 48vdc bus, which can run off your old Smartcell units.  Plus we even have tower and rack mount options for it.

This is an offline unit, so you need to call us to order...  

March 2, 2015

Symmetra RM for Subpanel? APC says no.. GreenLight Says YES

Can you use a APC Symmetra RM system to power a Subpanel?

Not if you buying direct from APC....  This is because the Symmetra RM is a transformer-free unit and doesn't have a true fixed neutral.  You need a good neutral to properly energize a panel.  The RM will never get a true  L to N 120v even with a stepdown transformer.

But at GreenLight Labs we put together a RM Subpanel friendly unit for you.  We even have a cute roll around cart for it.

The SYRM6S is the subpanel ready Symmetra RM unit with full 6kva output in a split phase design.  Use it to power the subpanel or super condition your equipment or instruments.  We even include a physical bypass switch.

Look for it at the store soon, but for now ask for it by name..

March 1, 2015

Save Big with our Z Bezels on the SURTA 2U units...

As many of you know, face-plates are very precious to APC end users.  Since APC rarely if ever sells replacement parts, its a constant battle to deliver units with original faceplates.

In most cases we must go to China and pay thousands to get another injection mold done and run a crazy amount of bezels.  While the SUA 2U have warranted that volume, the little SURTA 2U have not.

So we went with our friends at MirArt Acrylics and had them make a low run bezel for these units.... Any they look great!

Because of this innovation, we can sell these units for about $100 less than the ones with the rare bezel.

So check out of Z Bezel Page and see the savings.   

February 28, 2015

Redundancy in Rack Systems

Recently, we have selling several systems where people are ordering 2 of everything.  2 UPSes, 2 network cards and 2 XR battery packs

While we love selling them, we are worried that people are taking the double redundancy thing a bit far. By duplicating everything, your server rack gets overly congested and complicated.

A/B redundancy is good, but buying a Symmetra RM with internal redundancy is better and CHEAPER.

The Symmetra RM is a 6kva system with built in redundancy with control, battery and power modules in a N+1 design.  This means if one module fails, instantly the other one assumes control with no loss of power.

Learn more with our onesheet here and compare our $3000 Symmetra RM system with the dual 6kva system for $4300.

February 24, 2015

Innovating Up a Snowstorm....at GreenLightUPS

Not exactly a snowstorm... more like a sunny paradise with chilly brews and drinks.  (its ok to hate us).

Here are some on the Innovations that have begun at GreenLightUPS....

  • NoBuyUPS - Power Protection Solutions by the Month
  • FirstLightUPS - Overnight UPS delivery for a fraction of the cost
  • GreenLight 24x7 - Real time monitoring of your UPS systems
  • GreenLight Labs - on the cusp to introduce some innovative UPS solutions

February 22, 2015

Our New Dark Side Postcard

Does one ever go through all their marketing materials, before another idea causes them to re-do everything.

We here at GreenLightUPS, gone are the soft-core "How Big is Your Need" postcards and now the "Midnight Lighting Storm" cards are out.

You'll see them in the new Thank You packs and on your windshield if you park at the Wednesday Night Swap Shop Horror Night watching B movies.

February 2, 2015

First time available at GreenLightUPS

Small compact 3phase units are becoming more popular as modern blade servers require more and more power in a tight frame.

The HP R8000/3 Series is a high quality UPS based on Eaton's BladeUPS design.  Designed to provide local power to a high-density rack, the HP3896 is a great 6U ups units.

However, GreenLightUPS customers may appreciate this unit since it can offer 3phase power in a tight footprint.

The only downside is that the output is a L15-30R instead the more common L21-30R.  This means that the unit is not ready for panel connection or other systems that need a dedicated neutral.

We sold our first one recently and we included a nice little cart for the unit roll around on.   We are excited to have these little guys in stock.

February 1, 2015

5PX Products Arrive

Eaton's latest line interactive units, the 5PX series is starting to come to the refurbished marketplace.

The Eaton 5PX Rack/Tower UPS with a next-generation intuitive LCD display, energy consumption metering down to the outlet group level, and up to 99% efficiency, the 5PX is the perfect UPS to protect modern IT equipment.

I like a few things about the 5PX.  They have great yield (1440watts @ 1500va) and the simple rack/tower switch is a nice touch.   Plus having all models extended run (even if they bring back the dreaded 5start connector cable) is great.  Finally, keeping the 3kva at 72volt now makes it an attractive option compared the 120vdc rating of the APC XL series.

GreenLightUPS has several models in stock:  30000va, 1500va and New models as well.

January 15, 2015

FirstLightUPS Service Options

Many people are starting to take advantage of FirstLightUPS affordable UPS delivery.

Instead of shipping UPS units with FedEx Express or UPS Priority Freight, FirstLightUPS uses Air Cargo to a major airport and then local Courier for the final few miles.

Our FirstLight services gets the product to your local airport within 24hrs for you to pickup.  Or we can have a courier pick it up and arrange deliver that same day.

FirstLightUPS also offers AirGroundPlus service to remote locations far from the Airport.  Her we ship it to the airport and then have UPS ground pickup and deliver your item usually the next day. As an example we offered a customer in St George UT (2+ hrs from a major airport) AirGroundPlus service.  His 70lbs SUA1500RM2U unit would arrive in 2 days instead of 7 days for just $140 in shipping. The rate for traditional FedEx 2 day were $430.

This savings can be tremendous.   Look at this week's savings.   Traditional express services would have been hundreds more

  • 200lbs to San Fran for $200 FirstLight
  • 170lbs to Jamacia for $345 Next Day
  • 70lbs to Monteagle TN for $98 AirGroundPlus
  • 144lbs to NYC for $117 Next Day

First Newsletter for 2015 is out....

Right on schedule.... well maybe not right on schedule.... but close enough.

Our New Newsletter is filled with specials, tidbits, announcements, and fun..... "fun" is a probably a stretch

 A sneak peak:

UPS units delivered tomorrow... FirstLightUPS
UPS as a Service Page
Custom made cords and dongles Page
New Website Coming: Go UPS Go.com

January 13, 2015

The Sale that Never Was.... SUA2200 S&D for $339

I guess it started when yours truly, started barking that we have so many SUA2200s towers, but not a single one i could quickly sell and ship out one evening.  So many were missing bottom covers, had dents, and small cracks.  As I recall, I took nearly 10 out before i found one that could work on quickly.

So the Scratch & Dent Sale was set up for these guys.  We took photographs, redid the website and built a Mail Chimp spam email.  Then Super Salesman Nick.. called a few customers ahead of time and hours before the new campaign to start, we got an order for 10.

Sale Closed...

but we still have 1 more.... $339