October 31, 2012

GreenlightUPS on mobile phones

Its not a iPhone app, but we did reconfigure our website to meet the needs of our mobile customers.

The mobile site offers you a contact mobile browsing experience with the following features

  • Address, Phone #, Store and Blog links
  • A quick message link .. which sends a message to our phones 24hrs a day
  • A link to our "Go" page.. which allows you to look up specs to any of our products based on the SKU

October 15, 2012

Coming soon... All Weather Battery Backup Units

It was bound to happen, a customer asked and we went to work creating another Frankenstein UPS unit.  This time the TougherUPS was born from Greenlight LABS

The TougherUPS takes a regular SmartUPS 750va system, breaks it down and turns it into an all weather, all dancing UPS unit.  A large fiberglass Nema 3R, 4X, 12 enclosure holds everything.  It includes a clear window to display the status and a nice vented grate to allow for air flow.

While its still in the prototype stage. it looks very promising.   Target price is $500.  If you are interested in the outdoor ups system, send us an email of encouragement

September 13, 2012

Symmetra PX Output Designs

Its weird, sometimes I get two customers asking almost the same thing within days of each other.  I wonder if you all are just ganging up on me.

Though I try very hard to be accurate and consistent, sometimes the 2nd guy gets the better answer.   And by the time I write this out, an even better answer comes out.

This week its "how do i can use the 3phase power from the PX to power my servers"

The first guy got my electrical answer....  Install a subpanel and distribute the circuits like you would in your house.  The second guy got the APC InfrastruXure answer.  .... Buy lots of PDUs and power whips and keep everything free flowing in the racks.

Both the blue-collar union electrician design works as well as the hippy techie super scalable design.  But there are some important design considerations worthy of a GreenlightUPS Onesheet.

Download it here.  

September 11, 2012

What's the Frequency Kenneth? .. since Bob doesnt know what he is talking about.

Back in 2010, I made some snarky statement about Frequency in UPSes and exercise machines.  And more importantly I made a FALSE statement.  I said this nonsense:

Unfortunately, UPSes input and output whatever frequency you give them.  To change frequency you need a Genset or something god-awfully expensive.

It turns out, this is true for most APC and Tripplite models.  But Liebert Online units can deliver both 50 and 60hz regardless of the input frequency.

The Liebert GXT2 series available in 6000va, 3000va and 2000va.

So now our overseas friends can take that low frequency power and pump it up to 60 mind-blowing hertz... Like DJ Mono's.. the Frequency


September 8, 2012

Another Frankenstein..... ThePowerTower3000

I am always surprised that so many businesses refuse to tweek or modify their products or services to meet the needs of the customer.  

Just this month I got requests for a) frequency converter in Jamaica, b) emergency power station for a lab, c) equipment protector for photolab exporter, and d) a UPS to power the brains of a CNC machine.
Nearly always, I come with something.  Sometimes its too much money, other times I figure a work around using their parts.... but still other times I create something crazy.

This time its the Power Tower 3000.
While it sounds like some bad 80s sci-fi gadget its actually a pretty cool device.   What the customer wanted was a) a UPS to power some lighting circuits, b) would work off a generator, and c)offer alot of runtime.

Thats what this baby can do.  It starts with a Matrix UPS which is a tranformer-centric UPS which can output 4 wire 120/240 power.   It then has a 48VDC bus so sets of four car sized batteries can be added to create lots of runtime.   Finally it has a din rail type subpanel which allows for separate lighting circuits to be hardwired into it.

We built something similar last time... but this looks like an affordable solution for my customer.  Whether he pulls the Buy switch and brings this creation to life is still unknown.   Stay tuned.

September 2, 2012

Bill Me Later - 18 month interest free!!

Bill Me Later is a Paypal service offered to individuals and businesses which allows you to buy from selected merchants at a very favorable interest rate.  In the world of tight budgets, getting some flexibility with your purchases is a welcome relief.

We recently had a customer complete a 5000$ deal with them and he was very satisfied.

If you are interested, please carefully review the terms.   Then we'll be glad to bundle your purchase on our website for the Bill Me Later option.

Remember, Bill Me Later is service from a third party and any questions or concerns should direct to them.

August 28, 2012

New New New New Units...

Exciting NEWs... These  NEW offerings from GreenlightUPS are for NEW sealed boxed units from our  NEW  site.    Lots of  NEWs (oh the puns)

Visit this site for some new Genuine APC RBC battery packs

Visit our our main site for new APC UPS units

August 26, 2012


FrankensteinUPS... That's what a friend called my custom APC Battery BackUP units.

But while they are a creation of mad-UPS technician, they are not to be feared.  These customized and modified UPS units were designed to meet a specific market need, underserved by the traditional UPS models.

So here a guide to some of our "creations"

UPS for Copiers  = 310r  (LINK)
3000va to handle startup, but smaller batteries to save money

UPS for those stuck on the BackUPS RS Units = 402rt  (LINK)
Same wattage as those goofy units, but with a Pure Sine output, at about the same price!

5kva Online UPS with a transformer in a 5U rack format = 593g4k  (LINK)
I must be crazy, but APC wont let you buy this combination as a set.  They steer you to something which is a lot more money.  But we have it.  

Rack Tower 3kva System that wont break the bank = 302t  (LINK)
Want flexibility in the mounting.... too bad says APC.  We say nonsense... here is a 3kva unit that can be a 2U or thin client tower... around $500.

A combination Cabinet and Fan System = rk42a7F  (LINK)
Again weird that APC doesnt pair these two options... an awesome rack cabinet with an amazing fan system.

August 18, 2012

Handy Solutions... now in kit form

I have been known to spend hours working on UPS solutions for customers.  Sometimes the fix is easy and I suggest a few parts that make all the difference.  When the same problem and solution keeps coming up... I now bundle the parts up and refer the customer to our website to order.

Two more Solutions Kits have been added.

Kit 4 solves the problem of the desire to add your own large batteries to an UPS safely.  This kit includes the connector, cable, terminals and fusing to make this easy and safe.

Kit 5 solves the growing problem of converting from 120volt to 208volt without using a transformer.  As I mentioned several times, all your equipment runs fine at high voltage.  The only problem is changing your cord structure.  This kit provides the high voltage PDU and power cords.  Plus since many people are going from 120v 30amp to 250v 30a, I have included a L630 receptacle to match the UPS.  In many cases you can use that same 30amp circuit to run the high voltage on.

July 8, 2012

1500va, 2200va, and 3000va .... LIES, LIES, LIES

As we have discussed before, 1500va is 1500 volt-amps.
Volt amps are an absolute real technical value... however in the UPS world volt amps is a nominal or descriptive term.

As an example... APC's 1500va unit is actually a 1440va unit and APC's 2200va is a 1920va unit 
Why the mis-naming?

2 Reasons:

  • Marketing - bigger numbers sound better
  • Technical - with modifications you can achieve the full VA rating.
I'll pass on the Marketing reason for now and focus on the technical

Look at the following picture from the back of an APC SUA2200.  It shows the Max Output for 2200 and 3000 va UPS based on the Input Plug

As you can see, if you buy a SUA2200 with its standard 520P 20A plug, it will only provide 1920va worth of power.   If you put a 30amp plug on the unit, it will give you the full 2200va rating.  If you put a 15amp plug, you get a 1440va unit.

All of this is because a 20amp electrical circuit cant really give you 20amps. National electrical codes and guidelines suggest a maximum 80% rating for a circuit.   That means your 1500 (15a) is a 1440va and your 3000 (30a) is only a 2880va.  

So thats one of the reasons why you will see our 2200va units including the SUA2200 (200b) get a L530P plug.  Its not that we are smarter than APC, but just a bit more honest.

July 1, 2012

3 Choices now for Symmetra LX Systems

As the leading provider of refurbished Symmetra systems, we have released 2 new versions of our popular Symmetra LX Models

The GOLD version offers our customers FREE assembly and onsite startup plus a battery upgrade.
The PLATINUM version offers of customers assembly, startup, high rate batteries PLUS includes 2 new never used Power Modules and 2 year warranty.

These offerings allow us to meet the needs of customers that want a Symmetra they can depend on... instead of buying those used, hand-me-down that proliferate the web.

Learn more at these 12kva models:  sylx12G  & sylx12P

June 17, 2012

Understanding Voltage Specifications for Equiping

Frequently we gets requests to provide a transformer or a UPS for a certain piece of equipment.  For many reasons, manufacturers tend to be very curt with the electrical or UPS requirements on their brochures.  What information they do provide can be cyptic.

One area of frustration is matching the voltage of equipment.  Here are some voltage expressions and what the

Type of Voltage Domain
# of Wires
120 Residential, Commercial
Your standard household power
208 Commercial
Created from a 3phase source. Standard "IT" voltage
240 Residential, Commercial
Also called Delta, because each wire is 120v, creating 240volt across the system. Large machines and your Oven uses this power.
240 Commercial
Also called a High leg. Its a single wire of 240v with a neutral and a ground. Caution when working with it.
120/240 Residential, Commercial
Split phase system with a separate neutral and ground. Your house panel has this system.
120/208 Commercial
Split phase commercial.
120/208/240 Anywhere
Not a system, but a designation usually meaning it takes any high voltage system (208v, 240, 120/240, etc)
220 No where
The stuff of fairy tales

Notice, there is NO 220volt in this country.  Its a commonly used term to describe the average high voltage power, but it does not exist in nature.

June 1, 2012

Awesome Alternatives to APC Units

While many customers are familiar with APC units, many times the other big guys offer better value or performance.

In a new series called, Awesome Alternatives, we explore some of these match ups.

The first in the series is the Powerware 1500 versus the SmartUPS 1500 unit

February 8, 2012

Updated PDU and Surge Sections

I know I have been lazy on not keeping up the inventory reports on the Eaton Protector(R) Surge Suppressors... but that its been fixed.  The new pages has real photos, better condition notes and easy BuyItNow click buttons.

Also, the PDU section has expanded.  I have included some more metered and switched units as well as a 3phase type.  Enjoy.


February 5, 2012

Desperately seeking SYBT5s... APC global distribution out of stock

As a small business owner, its often fun to see the big guys fail miserably.  This week it was Schneider Electric's turn.  Their very popular Symmetra LX battery pack went out of stock last week.  No one had one.

Distributors, APC Reps, and service providers were scrambling.  Their supply of the most popular battery pack was stuck on a boat halfway from China.  Systems were failing and NO ONE could do anything.  APC made it even worse by the Chip protection that prevents most people from simply swapping the internal batteries in the pack. 

Of course this led to some robust sales for us last week.  While we dont normally sell Symmetra parts, some major companies asked us for help.   So we shipped several refurbished SYBT5s overnight to Universities and Fortune 500 companies.  

January 17, 2012

Almost as good as Chocolate and Peanut Butter... our Rack + UPS combos

Hey you got your chocolate in my peanut butter.   No you got your peanut butter in my chocolate...

Well maybe not as iconic as that combo, but UPS units with Network cabinets is just as a perfect fit.  We start off with 2 based on some recent requests from our customers. 

The first was built to clean up a customer' crazy server cabinet. They had a voice mail server and a phone system nestled on a old printer cart in a coat closet.  Now with the QUC1422 Combo they have a nice looking system they can proud of

The second was to handle a friend's DVR video surveillance system.  He needed an attractive package for his customer.  Presto the QUC1822 was born.  Combining the extended run Tripplite 2200va UPS with the lockable cabinet made for successful and clean installation.  Plus 8hrs backup time closed the deal.

View both and more future combinations here

January 15, 2012

Wesworth Venture Number XI: Solar-Gro

Frequent followers know Wesworth seems to do alot of different things.

We started with simple electric, added energy savings systems,  bucket truck services, motor control, UPSes, lighting fixtures, a California branch, B2B power quality, contract engineering, metal fabrication, and now Solar power systems.

And like many of other previous ventures (Infinergy, NightOwl, ITSpm, Neg-a-Watt, Greenlight, 415UPS, 2ndGrid, GreenlightLABS) this one has its on catchy name... Solar-Gro.

Solar-Gro is a partnership with our friends at the Urban Farmer in Pompano to sell a solar panel kit for a farming system called Verti-Gro.  We are just beginning production, but its an exciting niche to service as solar is becoming more attractive.

Learn more about our friends at the Urban Farmer at their site... and more about Solar-Gro project at www.YourSolar-Gro.com  (coming soon)

January 13, 2012

3phase Power Misconceptions: Circuit Watts

Recently, we have been recommending more 3phase power solutions for people.  Frequently, the mere mention of a 3phase UPS creates fear and confusion.  Part of the problem is that 3phase UPS units were expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain.  We still have business affiliates that make most of their money on service contacts on these older beasts.

Today's 3phase is cheaper, expandable, and near maintenance free.  But before you make the jump to the Symmetra PX 40... lets consider one aspect of 3phase.... CIRCUIT WATTS

  • 3phase is a method delivering power... what it ultimately delivers is still watts.  There is no difference between a 3phase phase watt and single phase watt.
  • Since watts are a result of volts x amps.... if you need more watts you must increase voltage and or amps.
  • And since your amperage is fixed at your panel or building, upping voltage is the best way to get more watts.
  • But if you are already running at high voltage and amperage is maxed... your only option is to goto 3phase.
Consider a 30amp circuit to a rack.  Notice how upping the voltage and phase delivers more watts or power.
  • At 120volt... your 30amp circuit provides 2.88kw
  • At 208volt... the 30amp circuit provides 4.99kw
  • At 3phase 208v... that same circuit provides 8.64kw
Just this one aspect gives you a glimpse of why 3phase power is seen by IT providers as the more effective way of delivering the wattage you need to your IT system.

January 4, 2012

UPS and Electrical Ideas for Colocation Center

Since we offer affordable racks, UPSes, accessories AND have a state license in electrical... many customers ask us for advice on various IT projects.

This week, we put together some thoughts on setting up a colo rack.   Unlike a personal or commercial server system, a Colo center needs full automated control and monitoring and scalability for several clients.   This location had a generator, so they only need 5-10mins of uptime.

This simple design begins with a 25U rack and outlines the electrical, UPS and PDU features needed.  The full details are here in our library and large pix here

Some of the equipment suggested.... about $1600
  • UPS - 3000va 120v - (302b)
  • PDU Backplate Option - (plate2l30)
  • PDU - 30amp 120v - (dm230)
  • Bypass - 30am 120v - (sbp3k)
  • Cabinet - 25U - (rk25t)