July 11, 2010

Quick review of load lights

I often recommend people to keep their UPS's loaded no more than 50%.  However, a quick check of the left hand side LED bank can be confusing in determining your load.

Instead of being logical and making each light 20%, APC has a special formula.  This tends to distort their actual load.

So a quick review...
1 bar is 17-32%
2 bars is 33-50%
3 bars is 51-66%
4 bars is 67-84%
5 bars is 85-100%
All flashing is overloaded

July 9, 2010

Inventory that Ebbs and Flows

Because of you, GreenlightUPS is having a record year.

This good news does have some drawbacks though.  One is the frantic attempt to balance what you want with what is available to us.  This has caused us to rebalance some of our prices to reflect these strange demand trends.

One example is the 3000va 120volt XL units.
We cant keep enough of our 313B units (SU3000RMXL3U) in stock.  The result is that the price has risen from 449 last year to 569 now.   While the 5U version, 315 (SU3000RMNET) has fallen from $499 to $439.

Both units have the same battery and power capacity, yet because of preferences the prices differ by $130.  I personally like the 315's better because they use fewer higher capacity batteries, which is more desirable in UPS units.

So the bottomline, if you are looking for a particular UPS model #, you might want to call me or search around to find the best value for your dollar.