March 19, 2015

Greenalapooza! GreenLightUPS Tour Dates Announced

Get ready New York, Tampa, and Southern California!

The GreenLight Band is packing up its batteries and hitting the road.  Cheap Motels and Bad Coffee will keep the team going as we Rock On!

Let us help you while we are in town:
  • On Site UPS Battery Replacement
  • UPS Preventive Maintenance
  • On Site Installation for new orders 
  • Personal UPS design with $199 Power Evaluation

March 8, 2015

The O Series Keeps Growing... Mobile Online UPSes for less

Designed to meet the needs of our customers that wanted long run-time in a single unit that was mobile.

We begin with APC's Smart-UPS On-Line unit that provide high density, true double-conversion on-line power protection.  

Then add extended run cabinets, transformers and or bypasses to complete the unit.  Next we fuse the cabinets and add high quality heavy duty castors.

Why do we do it....?   Because APC doesn't make the Online units with wheels, nor do they offer enough runtime for machinery or equipment. 

The latest Oseries to roll off.... 3kva 200v with 1 XR Cabinet... 393g4eo

March 5, 2015

Newy APC & Eaton Units all with genuine batteries and original boxes for LESS than anyone

Imagine getting a brand new APC UPS with the 2 year no questions asked warranty, new car smell and fresh genuine batteries for about 25% less than CDW or Amazon pricing.

It is possible with the NewLightUPS...

Check our listings...
fresh goodies like a SURT10000RMXLT6U or a PX1500RT or SMX3000RMLV2U... all for rock bottom prices.

And this month only... get a Free New Car Smell scent tree with any newy purchase

March 3, 2015

Options for replacing the APC Matrix 5000 units

Do you have a Matrix 5000 and need to finally upgrade it to something this century?

Oddly enough, there is still nothing that delivers the awesome power and full features of the APC Matrix UPS.

Some of the most important features

  • Split Phase 120/240 and 120v, 208v, 240v outputs
  • 48VDC Battery bus (especially if your batts are still good)
  • Charger capable of charging 17280vah of batteries (4 x SmartCell XR sets)
  • L630 Input
  • Isolation Transformer

Some suggestions include the APC Smart RT XLP Unit (593p4), but that requires a L1430P input and still has that 192v DC bus and no isolation transformer.

Another idea is the APC SmartUPS RT TF3 (593g4s).  Here we have the L630P input and outputs like the matrix, and even the isolation transformer, but still the lousy 192vDC limits

You could go to a Symmetra LX 8kva, which has nearly endless runtime, but the inputs are wrong and still no isolation transformer.

So what do do?

Our best solution is a APC Smart UPS XL TF3 (595bs).  This unit is a 5kva Smart UPS XL line-interactive, tranformer-based unit with a isolation transformer.   It has the right inputs and outputs, plus the transformer and has a nice 48vdc bus, which can run off your old Smartcell units.  Plus we even have tower and rack mount options for it.

This is an offline unit, so you need to call us to order...  

March 2, 2015

Symmetra RM for Subpanel? APC says no.. GreenLight Says YES

Can you use a APC Symmetra RM system to power a Subpanel?

Not if you buying direct from APC....  This is because the Symmetra RM is a transformer-free unit and doesn't have a true fixed neutral.  You need a good neutral to properly energize a panel.  The RM will never get a true  L to N 120v even with a stepdown transformer.

But at GreenLight Labs we put together a RM Subpanel friendly unit for you.  We even have a cute roll around cart for it.

The SYRM6S is the subpanel ready Symmetra RM unit with full 6kva output in a split phase design.  Use it to power the subpanel or super condition your equipment or instruments.  We even include a physical bypass switch.

Look for it at the store soon, but for now ask for it by name..

March 1, 2015

Save Big with our Z Bezels on the SURTA 2U units...

As many of you know, face-plates are very precious to APC end users.  Since APC rarely if ever sells replacement parts, its a constant battle to deliver units with original faceplates.

In most cases we must go to China and pay thousands to get another injection mold done and run a crazy amount of bezels.  While the SUA 2U have warranted that volume, the little SURTA 2U have not.

So we went with our friends at MirArt Acrylics and had them make a low run bezel for these units.... Any they look great!

Because of this innovation, we can sell these units for about $100 less than the ones with the rare bezel.

So check out of Z Bezel Page and see the savings.