July 28, 2013

We have created a Monster! for the Symmetra LX

The Mad Scientists are back again creating things that APC says shouldn't  exist.
But we love creating cost effective designs.
There was the TougherUPS, UPS Watchman, Dell Transformer, etc...

And now... The Symmetra LX Monster

This unit is made with an APC Large Battery cabinet containing twenty C&D Dynasty 93ah batteries for over 23,000vah of battery umph!

Its equal to about (3) APC Symmetra SYARMXR9B9 battery cabinets at 60% off the new APC price. Plus its still $2000 less than buying 3 refurbished SYARMXR9B9.

The secret is the high rate high amp batteries.  Not only are they cheaper per battery watt.. they last twice as long.

Our original Demo unit has come back to us and its $1000 off our normal price.

July 27, 2013

Extended Run Battery Pack EXPLOSION Sale

Well, not quite an explosion of lead, acid, and electrolytes.... but still its an explosion of inventory that we must sell now.

We have everything from the new SMX battery packs, to the Big Momma and Symmetra Monster Cabinets!

Learn More here... Buy Now before we sell out, get more space or vaporize in cloud of PbSO4