September 16, 2011

KnowUPS - Eco Mode

Today everything needs to be "Green."  And suppliers, vendors (we are GreenlightUPS after all), manufacturers, and customers all want to be part of it.  
The problem is that not all Green things are great.  (Pond scum in my pool for one)

One potentially bad Green thing on UPSes is the optional "Eco Mode" found on many new units.  Eco Mode is a sexy marketing term to essentially mean Line Interactive operation.  Since UPSes that operate as Line Interactive only switch over to battery during an outage (allbeit after 0.005 seconds) the UPS does not use up energy when there are no problems.   Online UPS are always online... always using energy.

The rub is that Eco Mode is found on those expensive Online UPS units.   So you pay double the price for a UPS for it to be online and then you downgrade it (um.. upgrade it)  to operate it in Eco Mode.

Kinda stupid.... especially when Eco Mode saves 3.3% or 10$ a year per 1000watts.  Learn more from APC's greenpaper

September 13, 2011

Random Part of the Month XII - SY500K500DL-PD

If you do the product search feature on Google with the term "APC," the most expensive item available "off the shelf" at a major retailer is the SY500K500DL-PD.

Its a Symmetra PX 3phase unit rated for 500kW.   It weighs a staggering 20,858 pounds!  The electrical requirements of 745 amps of 480volt power will dim the lights of your neighbors when you start this sucker up.

Its on "Super Sale" at RestockIT for $365,843.94... and they claim to have 200 in stock!

And if you have 1 really important server you want to run on this puppy... you only get 30:34hours of runtime. But if you are looking to warm your offices this winter, this sucker will put out a jaw-dropping 62515 BTUs. That more than a giant Jobsite kerosene heater.  Get the s'mores... and someone else's credit card.

September 10, 2011

New Product - A 3phase Unit that fits in your hand.

As an early proponent of APC's Symmetra PX's class of 3phase UPS units, its rare for us to recommend any other style, let alone brand.   But when we find a 3phase unit that meets such an obvious need AND offers so many great specs and features ... its deserves our attention.

The Gamatronic PowerPlus SA3, is a 10kva 120/208 3phase Unit that is just a bit bigger than a CPU tower.  While it doesnt fit in the palm of your hand, its much smaller than the 42U cabinets, that the APC Symmetra PX and VT units.

The Gamatronics unit offers many of the same power conditioning and online topology found in the other makers, but at a great price point and small footprint.

We got our first SA3 from a distributor liquidating some old stock.  It was never used, but couldnt be sold as new anymore.

So take a peek at the GAS10....


September 7, 2011

Rumble in the Rack IV: APC 1.5k versus Liebert 1.5k

Its On... Can the very popular and best selling SUA1500RM2U ever meets its match?
Today, the Liebert GXT2 1500 enters the ring.. for Rumble in the Rack IV..
The APC SUA1500RM2U is frequently requested by people needing a 120volt UPS for small telcom loads.  Its a 2U unit, priced at about $300.  The Liebert is also a 2U, but a bit more money.


After they Rumble... this what we found...

APC Smart UPS 1500  StoreLink (402b)

  • Is Cheaper
  • has 6 output (versus 4 for Liebert)
Liebert GXT2 1500 StoreLink  (lg412)
  • More VA at 1500va  (versus 1440va for APC)
  • More Watts 1050 (versus 980watts for APC)
  • Online Double Conversion Mode for allways On protection  (APC is line interactive)
  • Expandable Runtime  (no expandable capability for APC)
  • Lighter at 51lbs (versus 63lbs for APC)
  • 200% Overload ability for 8 cycles  (versus 100% limit for APC)
Both Units have
  • Similar batteries & run-time (13mins at half load)
  • Similar control options (USB and NetCard Option)
  • Minimal TVSS and EMI/RFI Filers
WINNER and its a lopsided win at that
Liebert GXT2 1500

September 6, 2011

This Blog is getting bloated

Here are some of our popular blog series links

September 5, 2011

U. P. aSked (You people asked): Most Important Specs

I visited your site and am overwhelmed on what type of UPS to choose.  My IT adviser recommended me getting an APC SUA3000RM2U, but there seems to many other choices that look better?   Why is so special about the SUA3000RM2U unit?

I am glad to help demystify choosing a UPS.  Essentially your IT tech is recommending a 3kva line interactive UPS. The SUA3000RM2U (302b) is very popular unit, but has some drawbacks. 
  1. The SUA unit does NOT offer extended runtimes.  If you want more than 15mins of backup time in the future, this unit is not for you.  You will need to upgrade to the SUA3000RMXL3U (313b) to have this feature.
  2. The SUA is over $500, but the older 3U version SU3000RM3U (303) is about $100 less and offers more runtime.
  3. The SUA does not include a Network management card.  You'll need to spend another $75 for your IT tech to control the unit.   Consider the Liebert 3000va 2U (lp312) unit which has the network card included.  Look at my blog for a good in depth comparison.

September 3, 2011

ReBlog... APC's Currents Magazine

APC's quasi monthly Newsletter, Currents,  is out and had some interesting tidbits to talk about

  • TV Protection
  • Realistic Small Server Room Cooling Techniques
TV Protection.
While not a focus for GreenlightUPS, many of customers have requested protection for their high end TVs and Audio systems.  We still recommend a Panel Mount surge suppression system as a first line of defense.  APC has launched its J Type Power Conditioners to protect, backup, and filter this type of equipment.  While the J-Type is indeed a good looking unit, there is nothing wrong with using  less expensive Smart UPS 1000va unit (100b) for your digital AV equipment.

As mentioned in Electronic House Magazine, UPSes work best for Media Servers, Streaming Boxes,  DVRs, Satellite & Cable Boxes, DLP Screens, and Projectors.  Dont use them on Amps as the demands for peak audio wattage could be viewed as a surge and clamped.

Small Server Room Cooling Approaches
All the major makers of UPS units, have large Cooling divisions in their companies.  I tend to find the whole Cool and Hot row religion a bit idealistic to implement in a growing business, but many people eat that shit up.  APC however, reminds us that the first priority is not Cooling, but heat removal.   

Simply put, put a fan at the top of the closet that draws heat out.  Then put a grille lower, to let the cool air in.