February 26, 2013

$600 Cash Back on Liebert NFinity Systems

Its getting crazy... we normally sell 10-15 times more Symmetras than Liebert NFinitys, but its been so long since we have sold one of these beasts we are offering a 1 time crazy offer.
For those not familiar, the Liebert NFinity is a modular UPS like the Symmetra LX.  In some ways they are better than the Symmetra.  Four things stand out
  • Wider Input Voltage Window
  • Highest Overload Capability (110%)
  • Smallest footprint for 16kva (20" W x 28" D x 41" H)
  • 12kva costs under $4000... Symmetra LX 12kva costs $5500
Learn more here

We have two listed (a 12kva and 8kva redundant) but other combinations are available.  Order online from the store and you'll receive $600 worth of American Express Gift cards.  First order gets it.



February 25, 2013

The Mini UPS inside your server

Many people forget that inside every power supply is a mini UPS.  Its not large but it exists.  It provides the "hold up time" for a power supply and hence your computer.

While this little molecule of power can provide the full load rating of the power supply... it can only do it for 12 milliseconds.

If this little UPS had a battery it would 20,000 times smaller than our standard 12v 7ah battery.  Thats a 12v 0.00004ah battery to you and me.

12 milliseconds isn't alot of time.  Remember, 60 hertz electricity means 60 cycles a second.  Thats 60 cycles per 1000 milliseconds or if my math is right 1 cycle every 16.7 milliseconds.  Or in other words... the mini UPS cant even provide a full sine wave cycle of power.

But you don't need an online UPS system to immediately cover an outage or disruption.  The line interactive UPS units normally switch over to battery power in 3 to 5ms, giving you lots of spare time to make that switch effectively.

But whats even more amazing is that your line interactive UPS can switch back and forth 2-3 times within the span of 1 sine wave cycle.

February 22, 2013

Dell UPS... the Smarter UPS : Comparing the Dell 3000 (e313)

One of the most popular specification line is the 3kva 120 volt rack mount.   Today its dominated by the APC Smart UPS SUA series.  However it has serious drawbacks.
First it has a limited amount of run-time out of the box, which cant be extended.   The old tired display looks out of place in a modern server rack.  Its newer generation the SMT series has the screen but still lacks the extendable run-time feature.  Plus both models don't have server type PDU output receptacles on the back.

The Dell e313 Model has all of these covered at a fraction of the newer SMT model.

Learn more about the 3 models

  • APC Smart UPS SUA  (302b)
  • APC Smart UPS SMT  (302v)
  • Dell Smarter UPS (e313)

February 21, 2013

Dell UPS.. the Smarter UPS: 3 types of UPSes in 3 words

We have reviewed the several types of  UPS topology previously.  Standby, Line Interactive and Online Double Conversion are the most common.

All of these Topologies are just processes for which the UPS delivers backup energy and power conditioning.  However, many people get confused with these terms.

Dell has a nice succinct summary....

  • Standby - SWITCHES.  If there is a problem, it switches over to clean battery power
  • Line Interactive - MODERATES.  If there is a problem it first moderates the power by bucking or boosting the power to meet the equipment's needs.  This is why this this often called Smart
  • Online - ISOLATES.  If there is a problem, it doesn't care because power problems are fully isolated from the power system
Dell's High Efficiency Online UPS is a hybrid of them all.   It has online isolating features when you need them and line interactive features when you dont.  If the balancing rock is the moderating line interactive and the lone tree in field is the isolating online.. then maybe this image is the combination:.finite and lonely but bearing the entire human species through the oceans of space and time.

"On a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam" - Carl Sagan

February 20, 2013

Dell UPS ... the Smarter UPS : Blue Light Red Light

Its seems like everyone now has a Blue LCD control panel... APC's Smart UPS X, Eaton's 5PX and 9PX....  but only Dell has a Blue/Red control panel
First innovated for their PowerEdge server line, Dell's screen will switch to red if there is a problem.  So you can quickly see that there is problem, whether overload, battery or maintenance issue.

Just another reason why Dell and GreenlightUPS should be your first choice for quality refurbished UPSes.

Get your Smarter UPS here

February 18, 2013

DellUPS Post 1 - General Advantages

As you may know, GreenlightUPS just received over $350,000 worth of unused Dell UPS units...

We are launching a special Dell UPS site and will focus our Blog on some of the unique features of the Dell UPS Model Line

LCD Control:   Every Dell UPS has a large local display to view system status and configure UPS parameters and options. Unlike the LEDs on competitors’ UPSs, the large, bright, backlit display provides a comprehensive view of the UPS.

1-2-3 Rail Kits:   Our refurbished Dell units include the Fast Connect 4 post Rail Kit that snaps and locks in place in less than 5mins.   Included in rack models (A $89 value)

Server Ports:  Unlike most UPSes, Dell UPS have several types of receptacles.  Most have C13 and C19 ports so you can direct connect to your server without the need of an expensive PDU.

Learn more at our site...

February 12, 2013

We just got in $300,000 worth of Dell UPSes...

You have long trusted the Dell name for servers, racks and networking equipment.

Now you can buy their UPS line.  Built from the ground up with high quality Eaton components and Dell aesthetics . They are an amazing product line.

Dell's success is driven by the customer. Their UPSes are no exceptions. They have the features you want: Full feature LCD displays, Run-time upgradability, Easy battery changes, Server integration software and Honest specs.

Visit our special Dell UPS Site to learn more

February 11, 2013

Leasing Refurbished UPS Systems

Sometimes it can be hard to find leasing companies that will work with Refurbished Systems.

However, our customer recently found Bay Tree Bank and Trust.  They offered a leasing package for a super SmartUPS system.

Ask Sue Marks about how your payment is just $1 for the first 6 months.

Susan Marks  |  Senior Relationship Manager
Equipment Leasing and Finance Group
Baytree National Bank and Trust Co. |  4577 Nob Hill Road, Suite 205, Sunrise, FL 33351
Phone: 877-229-4888 x223  | eFax: 800-919-4340  |  www.baytreebank.com

February 10, 2013

Broker Bin certified Partner

One of the goals of 2013 is to better meet the needs of Resellers and IT consultants.
One way is joining the BrokerBin network.

This members-only website allows dealers and wholesalers to interact with each other to meet everyone's customers more effectively.

While GreenlightUPS is just a small fish in this giant B2B marketplace, we are sure its system will help us meet our existing customer's needs and reach out to new ones.

Blog Posting Resumes

I'm back and ready for more Blog Posts... I needed a break... too much pressure.  Anyway... we are back with alot of posts

While I was gone news

  1. 2012 ended with a great surge of business.  GreenlightUPS and its electrical division, Wesworth Electric, Inc, generated well over $1.2 million dollars in sales last year.  Not bad, since we were retired just a few years ago.
  2. Some new faces at GreenlightUPS.  Nicole Wilson joins the office team to help with orders and bookkeeping.  Nicole is pursuing her business degree, so we expect great things from her.
  3. 400 models and counting.  Its wasnt more than 2 years ago that we had just a bit over 100 products models in inventory.  Today, we are bursting at the seams with new Eaton, Dell, and Liebert lines.