October 29, 2013

Hardwired Options - New Product offers for your hardwired needs

After several requests to modify units for hardwire applications, we have created two products meant to meet these needs.  Basically, people want hardwired output units when they are powering specialty equipment or tamper proof equipment.

So while many units can be converted with an external break out box and contact block, many people want a factory fresh looking solution.

APC's Smart Online series contains an optional hardwired output kit, the SURT007/9.  As pictured its a backplate that includes screws, terminal bock, fittings and accessories to make the Smart online units ready for hardwired applications.

Our new products, 313g4h and 593g4h are the standard Online units with these kits included and installed.

If you need Hardwired Input OR have another model you want hardwired, email us

October 24, 2013

APC Smart Online 5000s

We are pleased to report we have gotten a truck load of APC Smart Online RT 5000va units.  So we are back in stock of all 8 version of the famed 5kva units.

From your basic starter 5kva online (593g3X) at less than $1100 to our super monster 27U 8 5kva XR system with 8hours of runtime (593g3q27).. they are all back in stock

  • 593g3 - basic model
  • 593g3X - basic model with starter batteries for affordable deployment
  • 593g4 - the RT in all its glory... with rail kit, AP9619 card
  • 593g4k - with the 2U step down transformer
  • 593g4s - with the medical grade isolation transformer
  • 593g4T - with the network card, ready for tower applications
  • 593g4e - paired with an extended run battery module
  • 593g4q27 - custom monster unit with 8 battery XR packs and server cabinet