March 31, 2010

I'm calling from Houston and need a UPS today

Believe it or not, I get this request a lot.  However, never from someone outside of Florida.

His wish was to have a) 208v 3U UPS and b) reasonable overnight or same day shipping to Texas.

Since 208volt UPS units cant exactly fit in a Fedex Envelope, this was going to be tough.  Could GreenlightUPS meet this challenge????

We sold them a 383b unit (SUA3000RMT2U) and offered to ship the item via Southwest Airlines Cargo.

Total cost: $449 for the unit, $50 for the rush delivery to the airport, $10 six pack working bonus, and then $134 for Air Cargo.

The unit left our shop at 11:20am, was at the airport by 11:50am, and was on the plane at 12:45pm and ready for pickup at Houston airport at 4:55pm.

Not a bad days work.... While I cant promise that delivery schedule every day, we will always try to meet your needs and budget.

March 23, 2010

Most popular UPS units

Someone on my website found that I listed most popular units from Dec/Jan 08....

Oops, sorry for the lack of update on that.  So since then, here is a relative guide since then.  The top 6 account for about 300 units.

Translated into models is:  APC 3000va 3U,  APC 3000va 3U XL,  APC 5000 SURT, APC 2200 3U, APC 3000va 5U XL, and the APC 1400 2U.

Cheapest UPS that has a IEC C19 port on it

A recent customer needed a UPS that had an IEC type C19/20 output on the unit.  He found several units, but none of them for 120volt.
Was this because its impossible or I don't carry them?

Surprisingly, I cant find any UPS new or used that has IEC ports on their 120volt applications.  And according to IEC 60309 rules, IEC ports like the C19 should accept 120/240volt power.

So, I ended up building him one.  I took an APC SmartUPS 2200va 5U 120volt UPS and changed its backplate to the one found on the APC 5000va International model.

Another New creation from GreenlightUPS... SU2200RMIXLNET.. aka 215I

March 21, 2010

Best UPS for a

Its been almost a year since I answered.. What is the Best UPS to bring to deserted island?

While not practical, many people have commented that my straightforward approach to highlighting certain UPS features has been a reason they have chosen GreenlightUPS.

So if thats what the people want... here are some more....

Best UPS for those that drive Hummers:  
The 8U Tripplite 5000va unit with 3U power supply, 3U battery pack and 2U transformer makes this unit an impressive item in the rack.  At over 250lbs, with 16 output ports, and dual rack rail configuration this is a beast.  As a comparison, APC makes a 3U version that outputs essentially the same.

Best UPS if you server closet is a mess:  

The Powerware 9125 3000va 2U combines a a thin powerful UPS with 2 added features for tidyness.  First the unit has a 30amp dongle that sticks out of the UPS to connect to your PDU.  This frees up the back for regular outlets and keeps your critical PDU connection away from the backplate mess.  Second, at a mere 80 lbs, this unit is light enough that you can move or relocate the unit without help.  Since that "help" never seems to show up  or be available when its time to clean up the server room.

Best UPS for your home... and you don't need your dryer
The APC 5000va International edition can accept 240volt input.  Using your 30amp 240volt dryer plug this unit can provide all the power that ever would need for your home based server farm.  A remember, unlike that dryer, this UPS won't steal your sock.

Best UPS if you still use a ZipDrive
In this case you appreciate the retro look and the classic performance that comes with early computer manufacturing.  (you could do anything to those Zipdisks... whereas today's external harddrives seem to fail within a couple years).  Anyway, the Tripplite DataCenter 5000, called HAL by some, is UPS for you.  At over 200lbs without batteries, this solid iron core UPS will operate beyond the Infinite.

March 4, 2010

My take on the Sun Sparc versus IBM Power595 battle

You have seen the ads.. Sun is faster, less energy, cheaper...

What does this mean for UPSes?
The IBM Power 595 uses 9900va of power, where the Sun Sparc only uses 1400va

So, instead of having to get a APC Symmetra 16kva system for about $10,000 new or $4995 from me for the IBM

You can get a APC 2200va system for $879 new or $249 from me.

So, if the ad is true, you can get all that performance AND still save $9000 on the UPS.

March 1, 2010

What's the Frequency Kenneth.... or Bob?

Today we got a request for a UPS that can accept US power 240v/60hz and EU power 220v/50hz.
My first thought was the IBM 3000va UPS with switchable 208, 220, 230 and 240volt modes.

And as for frequency, just like in the REM song, I dont really have a response... it doesnt matter.  Nearly everything in the electronic world can take 50 or 60hz.

But his kicker, was that he didnt want to power a computer, but an exercise machine.

That point caused me to lose my religion against complacency on frequency.  All US motors (as in exercise machine treadmill drive) would actually slow down under the reduced 50hz frequency.  So, in this case, frequency does matter.  Unfortunately, UPSes input and output whatever frequency you give them.  To change frequency you need a Genset or something god-awfully expensive.

Bottomline, when our travelling exerciser goes abroad, she should leave the treadmill and hit the dance floors instead.  may I suggest DJ Ghostchild's Euro Pop version of Losing My Religion