November 15, 2011

KnowUPS - Shutdown of Multiple Servers

Sadly, most APC Smart UPS units are really dumb without the addition of a network management card.  But once you add these powerful accessories... the skies the limit.  Buy them here

Here are the most common features used

  • Be notified of problems via email
  • Customize shut down and reboot of connected equipment
  • Data logging of events and environment
  • Forwarding SNMP traps
  • Web access to UPS anywhere on network
  • Activate relays based on events

A frequent request is to have the UPS initiate shutdowns on multiple servers.  To do you need the netcard and the PowerChute software available on APC's site.

Read more here

November 10, 2011

Random Part of the Month XIV - SURT20KRMXLT

I have getting several requests for these very large Smart UPS units.  We only see a few a year, and honestly its not a favorite of mine.  SURT20KRXLT

First off, its the Smart UPS RT Online unit on steroids.  Its a 12U non modular single phase unit.  At $12,000 new its not that much less than a modular and scalable Symmetra unit.   But unlike the Symmetra, this one can give you the full 20,000va.

But wow, if it fails.... you just got a 700 lb paper weight.  And with no bypass and poor surge protection, this will be fun to replace.

November 8, 2011

U. P. aSked (You people asked): Big Box UPSes dont work on servers

A frequent question from customers is... I bought a 1500 UPS from a big box store, but its not able to handle my two servers each with 500watt power supplies.

  • First off, nearly every big box retailer only sells APC backUPS or SmartUPS SC units, which are junk.  
  • Second, those junky units use a technology that causes them to shut off during overload conditions.
  • Third, your server probably uses a PFC type power supply which tend to have a high inrush current, which these junky UPSes think are overloads.
  • Fourth, those junky UPSes require you to size your UPS at 125% of the rated Power supply wattage.  (meaning a two servers with 500watts power supplies need at least 1250watts or a 1700va UPS)

The good news, is that real Smart UPS units from us can handle your server's power supplies at the actual load, without any necessary upsizing.   So two servers with 500 watt power supplies probably can use a 1000va SmartUPS (100b), since the actual max load of the servers is about 300watts and the 100b is rated for 670watts.

Bottomline, all the units we sell are rated for the PFC type power supplies and need only be sized based on their true load.  Of course call us or visit APC's site for actual loads.

Read more about PFC from APC's white paper

November 6, 2011

New Product - Network Management Card with Modem AP9618

APC Network cards turn your UPS into a very dynamic unit.  The AP9618 card incorporates all the basic network, environmental and relay control features, but adds a Out Of Band Management feature.

In other words, this card (qsc18p) allows you to monitor and manage the UPS by remote control regardless of whether the UPS is powered on.   Also called Lights Out Management, this adds a powerful feature to units.

The qsc18 is available in our store along with the basic (qsc17), relay (qsc19), environmental (qsc19p), and 2nd generation card (qsc30).   Since it still serves an important purpose, APC still makes it, even while they have discontinued its cousins.