October 31, 2012

GreenlightUPS on mobile phones

Its not a iPhone app, but we did reconfigure our website to meet the needs of our mobile customers.

The mobile site offers you a contact mobile browsing experience with the following features

  • Address, Phone #, Store and Blog links
  • A quick message link .. which sends a message to our phones 24hrs a day
  • A link to our "Go" page.. which allows you to look up specs to any of our products based on the SKU

October 15, 2012

Coming soon... All Weather Battery Backup Units

It was bound to happen, a customer asked and we went to work creating another Frankenstein UPS unit.  This time the TougherUPS was born from Greenlight LABS

The TougherUPS takes a regular SmartUPS 750va system, breaks it down and turns it into an all weather, all dancing UPS unit.  A large fiberglass Nema 3R, 4X, 12 enclosure holds everything.  It includes a clear window to display the status and a nice vented grate to allow for air flow.

While its still in the prototype stage. it looks very promising.   Target price is $500.  If you are interested in the outdoor ups system, send us an email of encouragement