December 16, 2009

480volt UPS Solutions

Last month we talked about people using their home's 240volt power to operate 208volt UPS systems.  In that case customers could choose a 240volt UPS or buy a buck transformer to lower voltage to 208v.

In the case of 277/480volt power, the problem is the same, the solution a bit different.

Taking the 277volt line and powering a 208volt UPS with it will cause the UPS to immediately start shedding the power.  Yes the specs say it can take 189-294volts, but it is not designed to do this continuously.

Option 1 is to transform the entire load from 3phase 277/480volt down to 120/208.   This is expensive and requires a 300lb transformer (assuming a 10kva ups).  With the transformer, freight, and electrical work, this can cost over $3000.

Our recommendation, is to use a buck transformer and step down from 277 to 240volt.  Since, you cant simply buck all the way down to 208volt, you need a 240volt UPS.   This smaller transformer fits in a 3U rack cabinet and costs under $400.   Call us for the exact price based on your size

Either way, these are much cheaper solutions than trying to buy a 480volt UPS.

Fun fact... go to the APC Selector by load and ask for a 5000va UPS with 277/480volt power, put in 10mins and 10% expansion... and the selector spits out a $99,600 UPS solution

December 15, 2009

We're Savy with Zavee

 GreenlightUPS and Wesworth Electric, Inc have joined the Zavee Social Network Merchant group.

As a local business startup, Zavee promises to make shopping.. simple, local and social.  In practice, Zavee offers businesses an opportunity to create an automatic loyalty program, pay per transaction sales leads, and seamless purchase processing.  Learn more about about Zavee at their site.

Now that we are part of Zavee, Zavee members get automatic rewards by buying with us.  Look for GreenlightUPS, in the computer services category for our offers.

December 6, 2009

November WrapUp

Heavy month for blogging...

We learned the limits of high voltage systems and surge protection.  We gave you advice on types of 3phase UPSes, home network upses, and whether to repair or replace smaller units.  Finally, we announced our partnership with nuBarter.

December 5, 2009

Mea Culpa Dixi - Slow shipping

A new series begins... Mea Culpa Dixi  (My faults spoken and settled)
In this occasional blog, I will address a complaint or disappointment that has come up and explain my position.

Complaint #1 - Slow Shipping
Your order a unit, but may not arrive for 14 days.

Absolutely true and I am truly sorry for the delay.  but here are the facts.

When we receive an order it goes through these steps.
  1. Invoices & work ticket printed
  2. Shipping arrangements researched & booked
  3. Unit is pulled from inventory
  4. Batteries are loaded, unit is charged
  5. Unit is tested, Unit is cleaned, Unit is recharged
  6. Unit is packed on a palleted and freight company is contacted
  7. Freight is picked up and shipped to a local freight terminal
  8. Freight company delivers freight
While sometimes this process can take 3 days, it more often takes close to 10 days.   Yet,  several problems during the process  including a non commercial address on order (during step 2),  low inventory of batteries (in step 4), unit fails testing (step 5); or the shipper doesn't have a phone number for delivery (in step 8) can add many days to the process.

We wish we were a large outfit that had efficiency, but we aren't.  One of our goals in 2010 is to streamline the process and get orders out faster.

For those that have been disappointed with the fulfillment times, we are sorry... mea culpa, Dixi


December 4, 2009

TVSS, SPD, SAD, UL 3rd Edition and other muck

In addition to UPS devices, GreenlightUPS is increasingly selling panel mount surge suppressors.

Or so we thought....

Actually, those strange science monks at Underwriter's Laboratory have renamed our gadgets and they are no longer called Surge Suppressors, or Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors, but Surge Protection Devices.
Plus as an added bonus, UL and ANSI have changed many of the requirements and guidelines for SPDs.

What does this mean to the rest of us that put our pants on 1 leg at a time?

All panel mount surge gizmos are going to cost alot more.

Our lines of UL 2nd Edition Eaton Protectors(R), Sycom's SP, and CHSP Micro surge gizmos are no longer approved for new installations.   They obviously still work fine and you dont need to rip out your old ones.  And unless you or your company keeps up with ISO900x, ROHS, ANSI/IEEE, GLBA 501(b), or the 2007/2 EC INSPIRE directives.... these less expensive models are fine.  

But if you do need the latest, we still have our premium quality 3rd Ed Eaton Protector starting at $800 for a simple home mount.

 I dont really understand whats better in the 3rd edition anyway.

December 3, 2009

UPSes for your home theatre

I get many requests for UPSes for home theatre systems.  And while normally, i dont like to turn away business, most UPSes I have arent designed for that application.

APC actually makes a special UPS for home theatres.  The APC AV collection is impressive, but is very similar to an APC SmartUPS 1500.

Both AV & SmartUPS have:
  • power conditioning features
  • battery backup
  • IEEE EMI filtering
  • True sine wave power
However, they differ on 2 points.
  • Surge protection (3360 joules versus 500) [but these are both too low to act as real protection IMHO]
  • Noise  (AV has a silent fan, the APC Smartups have a fan)
So in summary, to me the fan is not that big of an issue.  But if you have a $10k sound system and nano sound attenuated seat cushions, then splurge on the AV for the extra $150, if not feal free to buy mine

December 1, 2009

Why do you sell mostly APC brand UPS?

Nearly 90% of our inventory is APC.  Not russian brand armored personal carriers... but APC - American Power Conversion
Why? 3 reasons:
1) In the 1kva to 5kva market,(where GreenlightUPS specializes) it has a well over a 50% market share*.
2) It has the greatest brand recognition among consumers and small businesses
and 3) It has poor service & support* meaning many units are scrapped because of minor issues and end up at my door to be restored instead of being repaired.

For my business and for my customers, this arrangement is fine. You pay a reduced price for a product you are familiar with.