December 12, 2013

The best value for True APC Online Power Needs

APC's legendary SURTA3000XL is a very popular unit and because of demand the price has increased to nearly $1000 each.

However, the same true online unit just a bit smaller is the SURTA2000XL series.  These models are rated for 20amps instead of 30amps (3000), but are a fraction of the price.  In fact, today the basic unit is less than $500.

But thats not all.. here are some other reasons the SURTA2000 is the way to go

  • Only 2U
  • Offers the standard blade 520P type plug for normal use
  • Is only 69lbs.. ideal for express or simple ground shipping
  • Same options of netcard, rail kit and backplate as the 3000 series
  • Extended run with the very common 48VDC bus.. so its easy and cheap to add runtime
Like the 3000 and 5000... it comes in lots in of flavours
  • Core Unit (212g3)
  • Unit with netcard and rail kit (212g4)
  • Unit with boosted 2200va power, net card and rail kit (222g4)
  • Unit made for equipment with L520 plugs  (212g3L)
  • Unit with equal runtime/batteries to the 3000, rail kit, netcard (212g4e)