May 30, 2011

RBCs and Battery Page Updated

After several requests, we have re-worked our Replacement Battery store page.  The new pages will help you replace batteries on many server grade units.

We offer the Complete Replacement Battery packs (RBC) and  Replacement Batteries Only (RBO) which require you to re-use the existing trays and leads.

If you need help finding your RB#, contact us or visit this page

May 27, 2011

Rumble in the Rack III: APC 3kva XL versus Tripplite 3kva XL

APC SmartUPS 3000va XL 3U  [313b]
Tripplite SmartPro 3000va XL 2U [tl312w]

APC Products outsell Tripplite at my store 20 to 1.  But its a shame, because on so many fronts, Tripplite is a better buy.  Take our best 3kva seller from APC versus the unloved Tripplite version

Both units
  • Extended Run capatable at 48vdc
  • 3000va - 120v
  • Line Interactive Topology - Pure Sinewave

  • More runtime  (3U frame v. 2U frame though)
  • Black in color
  • $170 cheaper
  • Native USB support
  • Twistlock output receptacle for easy PDU connection
  • Native 20amp T type receptacles
  • Lighter... Can ship via Fedex  (APC must be freighted)

WINNER!  Tripplite

May 25, 2011

KnowUPS - Audible Noise

A quick check of 3000va Models across various manufacturers found that they all have same noise level.

A customer wanted the quietest 3kva UPS.  After checking APC's SUA3000, Eaton's Online PW9130, Liebert's PSI3, and Tripplite's SU3000 units, I found all of them had Audible Noise at 1 meter of 53-55db.

I then checked premium APC models, Rack versions, etc and couldnt find anything quieter.  Finally, I found the SMT3000 5th Gen APC unit that had only 45db rating.

I guess all makers use the same basic components and have no motivation to distinguish themselves on db level.

May 23, 2011

The UPS for Imaging equipment.. affordable 3kva unit

Many customers want to protect their laser imaging equipment with a UPS.  However, since laser printers tend to have a high amperage initial draw at startup, most UPSes cant handle the unit.  So while the load might only be 500va, it needs 2 or 3 times to start.

In the past, we have sold customers our 3kva units.  However, most tower frame UPSes are filled with large expensive batteries to sustain the 3kva load over 30mins.   We found our imaging customers only needed a few moments, so the expensive solutions are overkill.

GreenlightUPS is proud to announce a solution... the APC 3kva Tower with smaller batteries.

At $349, its $100-200 less that the standard 3kva unit.  If you are interested, make sure you check your specs and plugs and give us a call to order.

If anyone needs it, we can retrofit the standard 208volt model (390) into a reduced runtime unit as well

Your desires realized... at least your UPS desires

Introducing our Solution Series, where we try to package a power solution to meet a common need.

Our first is the I want a UPS to power a panel

The SOLUTION... use a ups with an isolation type transformer.   When you electrically power a subpanel, you feed the panel with 2 hots, a neutral and ground.  However, normal UPSes dont have a separate neutral, more of a floating neutral.  This prevents you from connecting these directly to a panel.
With the addition of a transformer, we can generate a fixed neutral and combine the 3wire output of the UPS with new fixed neutral.  This 4 wire system can connect to the panel

My pick is the APC Smart UPS Online 5kva unit (593g4) with 5kva Iso (xf5iso) Transformer...

SURTD5000RMXLT3U - 593g4 - $1399.00
SURT003 - xf5iso - $495.00

Store Price is $1894.00, but if you mention our blog, you can get it for 10% off ($1705)  by using the coupon 4178 at checkout

May 19, 2011

Struggling for a SFW reference for a small powerful package.... the Tripplite 16kva 8U

After drooling over the idea of this item... we finally got one in.
its a 16kva Tripplite UPS in a 445lbs 8U Rackmount frame.

That's right, this sweet baby was made in Xingang China. Retails for about $9009.95.  Its got a textured black bezel, cobalt blue steel and a hair trigger...  That's right. Shop smart.  Shop S-Mart

This design is, as my friend says, ridiculous.

It is a split phase 4wire system, so it can output 120/208/240 through the crazy 14 port detachable PDU port.

We got this smoking hot baby at our store for $5999 with a extended warranty from Tripplite.

May 18, 2011

Random Part of the Month IX - AR4024

Call it the Ethan Allen Rack Cabinet from APC.   Instead of boring black aluminum, here is a rack cabinet that matches all the quality pressboard furniture in your office.
The AR4024 has a 24U 4 post SX frame, integrated cooling system, sound dampening foam, multiple PDUs, and smooth Oak veneer finish.

At $5025, this has to be the biggest waste of money.

Not surprisingly, we got a scratch and dent unit in a couple weeks ago and it sold within days of arrival for $200.  Thats about what it should be worth

May 16, 2011

PDU Store Department EXPLODING with Sales

For years, I used to send my customers to PDU Direct for their PDU needs.  However, by chance I got a bunch of PDUs in.   And when local shoppers would arrive, PDUs started selling.

So now my  growing stash is on the web...  They are divided in Basic, Metered and Switched.  Most of the units are APC, but I do have some Powerware and Chatworth basic units.

Prices seem to be fixed in the store, but the real secret is to pitch me a offer.  I might just take it.

May 15, 2011

New Look on the Website Store

I did a little re-organizing on the store, to help you find what you are looking for.
In this case, I added sub categories to the main departments of the store.  Then along the middle, I included some popular pages... Favorites, Late Model/Newest, Spec Grade and Solutions.

More on each of those later, but I hope you like to the new organization.

I also modified the side department tabs

Sorry for no posts

After a brisk blogging month of Feb and Mar, I sorta fizzled out in April.
We'll I'm back on the bus, and ready to tackle your UPS questions.
PS: Thanks M.R. for the encouragement