November 17, 2010

Sell without batteries

We get many requests to sell a unit WITHOUT batteries.   In general, we dont mind, but always warn our customers about an issue, especially if you plan to use old batteries from another unit.

  • This happens often, when you want to upgrade the unit to a larger size and use your existing battery system.
  • Each UPS has a charging rate based on the age of the batteries.  As the batteries age, the UPS charges them more.  Therefore our fresh unit we sell you will have its charger calibrated to charge the batteries as if they were new. Since yours wont be, this charging imbalance will shorten the life of your used batteries. 
  • Unfortunately, we cant calibrate the charger unit to half-aged, or 1 year old.
If you want to buy a unit without batteries, just email us and we'll give you a quick quote.

New Symmetra Line... the LXnXL

As per the previous posts, we have the regular, LX, small PM rackmount, and the big 3phase PX model line.   Now we have a few LX super duty units.  These single phase LX units are modern and have a built in extended run module attached.  They typically provide an hour of runtime even at half load.

They come in a 16kva frame, but can be built as 8, 12, 16 or 16N+1.

The one in the photo is brand new (which wont last long), but the others are late models 08-09 series.  I fairly certain they were developed after the original LX line.