February 8, 2012

Updated PDU and Surge Sections

I know I have been lazy on not keeping up the inventory reports on the Eaton Protector(R) Surge Suppressors... but that its been fixed.  The new pages has real photos, better condition notes and easy BuyItNow click buttons.

Also, the PDU section has expanded.  I have included some more metered and switched units as well as a 3phase type.  Enjoy.


February 5, 2012

Desperately seeking SYBT5s... APC global distribution out of stock

As a small business owner, its often fun to see the big guys fail miserably.  This week it was Schneider Electric's turn.  Their very popular Symmetra LX battery pack went out of stock last week.  No one had one.

Distributors, APC Reps, and service providers were scrambling.  Their supply of the most popular battery pack was stuck on a boat halfway from China.  Systems were failing and NO ONE could do anything.  APC made it even worse by the Chip protection that prevents most people from simply swapping the internal batteries in the pack. 

Of course this led to some robust sales for us last week.  While we dont normally sell Symmetra parts, some major companies asked us for help.   So we shipped several refurbished SYBT5s overnight to Universities and Fortune 500 companies.