December 28, 2014

Whats behind that exericycle , file box, and something.... ATTIC COLLECTION

Introducing our Attic Collection... Here we feature the oldest ups in inventory at a great discount.... Old sweater, not included.

The first item Eaton 5130 3000va 120v (p5313v).  

This 3u came in years ago when the 5130 first came out.  It was never used... But it had lost its faceplate.  We never got another one in.

Instead of its $559 price, we are offering it for 199$ NO BATTERY FACEPLATE....
Only available if you call or email us

December 22, 2014

Its snowing 1500s....

Wow, after getting nearly 70 Apc Sua1500rm2u in in November we did our big sale.   We sold nearly 45 in a few weeks.

Now we just got another 70 pieces.  With nearly 100 pieces available we continue our sale.   Never have we had so many.   Last year at this time we were scrounging for units..  selling them for $349 with a wait list.
Now they are $275 plus shipping
or InstaBuy them in Network Ready, Reseller Ready or BlackLabel with included shipping like in our November Sale.

Holiday Surges

Its Xmas time here at greenlightups, and we have seen lots of surges.

The first type of surge is Bad.... As we have reports from 2 clients that they have lost equipment because of electrical transient Surges this week.   While we sell UPSes, we also sell and install surge protection.  We have models from $99.  Don't wait until it's too late.

Surge 2 is the rush of holiday orders we are getting.  We did not expect so many people would want lumps of lead in their stockings.  We will be working like Santa'S elves to meet this surge.

Surge 3 is the increasing need for units to have peak capacity to power printers or equipment.  We call this a peak or surge rating.  If you have a piece of equipment that has a motor... Call us a free sizing. Don't surge your unit