December 12, 2013

The best value for True APC Online Power Needs

APC's legendary SURTA3000XL is a very popular unit and because of demand the price has increased to nearly $1000 each.

However, the same true online unit just a bit smaller is the SURTA2000XL series.  These models are rated for 20amps instead of 30amps (3000), but are a fraction of the price.  In fact, today the basic unit is less than $500.

But thats not all.. here are some other reasons the SURTA2000 is the way to go

  • Only 2U
  • Offers the standard blade 520P type plug for normal use
  • Is only 69lbs.. ideal for express or simple ground shipping
  • Same options of netcard, rail kit and backplate as the 3000 series
  • Extended run with the very common 48VDC bus.. so its easy and cheap to add runtime
Like the 3000 and 5000... it comes in lots in of flavours
  • Core Unit (212g3)
  • Unit with netcard and rail kit (212g4)
  • Unit with boosted 2200va power, net card and rail kit (222g4)
  • Unit made for equipment with L520 plugs  (212g3L)
  • Unit with equal runtime/batteries to the 3000, rail kit, netcard (212g4e)

November 24, 2013

An alternative to Double Double UPS Redundancy ... now in Kit form (KIT8)

After another weekend explaining to a paranoid IT service tech the nature of backup power and redundancy, the Greenlight Lab guys created another Kit to solve a frequent problem.
UPSes provide backup power, but what if your UPS needs to be changed or goes down?   Mass Hysteria, Right?

To solve this, many people end up getting a 2nd UPS, in what I call double double redundancy.  While UPS failures are rare they do happen.  But instead of buying a 2nd UPS, why not consider an Automatic transfer switch?  These switches made by APC transfer power nearly instantly to another source.  If source 1 fails, power is taken from source 2.  

Kit8 includes a splitter dongle that plugs into your outlet and gives source 1 and source 2 from the same outlet.   Then the UPS is installed into source 1's path.   The transfer switch connects to the UPS's output and connects to the dongle to pickup source 2.   Out of the transfer switch is a PDU with all your equipment.  
Under normal operation power flows through the outlet, through source 1's path, into the UPS and then out of the UPS through the transfer switch .  Our of the transfer switch and to your PDU.  If the UPS fails, the transfer switches disconnects source 1 and goes to source 2 directly from the outlet and through to your equipment.  If the house power fails, your UPS switches on and still provides the normal backup power through the transfer switch and on to the PDU.

Our plug and play Kit8 allows this to occur at a fraction of the cost of a 2nd UPS.   A high voltage Kit8 with dongle, transfer switch and basic PDU costs $375.00

November 22, 2013

Dont be afraid of big bad High Voltage!

While the uninitiated may cower at the thought of high voltage power for their server room, its not as scary or complicated you may think.

Remember, nearly every bit of IT equipment was designed and made for the world IT community.  And since the world uses a wide variety of electrical power and voltages, all this equipment is designed to run on any distribution power.  Your server can run on the Japanese's stingy 100volt, to Argentina's hefty 240volt. The US is lucky or cursed, that we have 2 levels of power... low and high.

The low (120v) is like your normal household outlets and the high (240v) is like your dryer or range power at home, or the AC or large machinery in the workplace.

Since high voltage has many performance advantages, its worth considering changing over to high voltage for your server room.

The problem is that your server room has PDUs, extension cords, and power cords for a 120volt world.... wont changeover be a hassle and major expense?

Not necessarily.

Start with a nice high voltage 5kva UPS and add our "Kit6" special.  This kit includes a high voltage 0U PDU and server patch power cables to meet your needs.   The Kit6 is $149 with free shipping with a UPS purchase.

November 17, 2013

Affordable APC RT Smart Online Internal Fault Repairs exclusively from GreenlightUPS

We all know the dreaded Red "X" that seems to too often affect the APC Smart UPS RT Online units.

If you call APC, they will tell you its un-repairable or recommend you using their TradeUPS program to get a paltry discount off the retail price of a new one.  If you are lucky, they recommend either SAC or CBM as authorized repair centers.   But as many of customers know, their solutions and service are even more unreasonable.

Good News!  GreenlightUPS has learned more about repairing these units, so we are fairly sure we can get your unit working back in order at a reasonable price.

  • Step 1:  Download our 3U or 6U Repair Ticket Form.   
  • Step 2:  Send us back the Form
  • Step 3:  We'll give you an estimate on the repair
  • Step 4:  Send it in for a FREE evaluation.  We even offer easy and affordable ways of getting the unit the unit to us.  Plus every unit good or bad is worth real CASH, so dont throw them away
GreenlightUPS - the affordable UNAUTHORIZED repair center

October 29, 2013

Hardwired Options - New Product offers for your hardwired needs

After several requests to modify units for hardwire applications, we have created two products meant to meet these needs.  Basically, people want hardwired output units when they are powering specialty equipment or tamper proof equipment.

So while many units can be converted with an external break out box and contact block, many people want a factory fresh looking solution.

APC's Smart Online series contains an optional hardwired output kit, the SURT007/9.  As pictured its a backplate that includes screws, terminal bock, fittings and accessories to make the Smart online units ready for hardwired applications.

Our new products, 313g4h and 593g4h are the standard Online units with these kits included and installed.

If you need Hardwired Input OR have another model you want hardwired, email us

October 24, 2013

APC Smart Online 5000s

We are pleased to report we have gotten a truck load of APC Smart Online RT 5000va units.  So we are back in stock of all 8 version of the famed 5kva units.

From your basic starter 5kva online (593g3X) at less than $1100 to our super monster 27U 8 5kva XR system with 8hours of runtime (593g3q27).. they are all back in stock

  • 593g3 - basic model
  • 593g3X - basic model with starter batteries for affordable deployment
  • 593g4 - the RT in all its glory... with rail kit, AP9619 card
  • 593g4k - with the 2U step down transformer
  • 593g4s - with the medical grade isolation transformer
  • 593g4T - with the network card, ready for tower applications
  • 593g4e - paired with an extended run battery module
  • 593g4q27 - custom monster unit with 8 battery XR packs and server cabinet

September 22, 2013

NewsLightUPS - Fall 2013 Preview

Our quarterly newsletter returns with new specials, technical notes, and coupons.
It goes live October 1, but feel free to preview it now.

We re-share the mini UPS blog post, remind people about our repair depo and re-pitch the black label line.  Our prices for the 200, 333be, and e410s are Falling for Fall.  Also checkout the XL Battery cabinet 20% discount offer.

September 7, 2013

World Rated Symmetra PX for the US Price

Recently, we have been getting more international customers.  While there are some great international single phase models, customers needing higher KVA solutions are forced to find the very rare APC International Models.

A recent customer looking for a 40kva solution for 400volt 3phase was about to buy APC's  $65,000 SY48K48H-PD unit and PD60H5HK1 bypass cabinet

Instead the found us and we went to work.. creating the Omni Power Symmetra PX

We took a refurbished bypass cabinet and installed a high quality Schneider SquareD transformer.  This converted their 400volt 50hz power into 208volt power.  Next we added the standard US made Symmetra PX 40kva unit.  Then we output to several 3phase PDUs that broke the power down to standard server rated 230volt power

This project cost under $30,000.

September 5, 2013

Powerware 6000 through the Ages

Powerware has always made high quality Online Double Conversion UPSes.

The latest 9PX series is just the latest in a long line of 6000 ups.  Today's 9PX series is an evolution of several previous 6000va units.

Curiously, we actually are selling all four versions.

  1. Powerware Prestige 6000 (pp60) ... Early 2000s.. still used for medical equipment
  2. Powerware 9125-6000 (p9695)  ....  The workhorse, proved Powerware's quality
  3. Eaton Powerware 9135 (p9693v) ... The merger of MGE and Eaton made this unit with mixed results
  4. Eaton 9PX 6000 (px693) ... The latest and greatest?

September 2, 2013

Helping you find what you need... The Decider pages are launch

You are the Decider.. so make the most of it.  Just don't bomb anyone.

Over the years, I have been accumulating several generations of models.  In some cases, I cant even remember all the options.   Sometimes, I need to walk the warehouse to remember good values and options for customers.
Now my best selling models have been classified in neat compartments which allows for a flowchart to help you and I find the model that fits your need.

First Up the 5000va version

September 1, 2013

Not quite 31 flavours... but its getting close

As many customers know, many products come in several product conditions to meet various needs.

Most of the products we sell are the standard Refurbished version.

However a growing number are choosing Black Label, Reseller Ready, Newy, or Starter versions.  Also we now have more New sealed units.

Rarely do we have have all 6 product conditions available at the same time, but we have one now...  The SUA3000RMXL3U available in all six types.

Refurbished (333b) - $689
New Genuine (333bnew) - $1149
Newy (333bQ) - $1078
Black Label (333bA) - $919
ResellerReady (333b$) - $839
Starter Unit (333bX) -$633

August 1, 2013

Introducing the Black Label UPS

Our inventory guy is going crazy as we introduce another line of refurbished UPS units.  

On top of our Newy, Reseller Ready and Starter lines.... We now have launched our Black Label line.

Black Label UPSes are made with the best battery on the planet, Panasonic.  

Many years ago nearly every APC and Powerware unit came with Panasonic batteries standard.  But over time, price pressure has led APC to leave Panasonic for BB, Vision or Long John batteries.  Panasonic's state of the art manufacturing plants and impeccable manufacturing prowess means your UPS will have the best batteries for your mission critical applications.   

We have signed a commitment to buy 5,000 Panasonics in 2013 for our Black Label lines.  Over the next few weeks, we will be launching several products with the Black Label option.  Available on Symmetras, Dell, and APC SUA SmartUPS.

Check out the first two Black Label Units:   Dell Online 6000va and APC SUA 3000va.  Look for more Black Label products designated with a "A" at the end.

July 28, 2013

We have created a Monster! for the Symmetra LX

The Mad Scientists are back again creating things that APC says shouldn't  exist.
But we love creating cost effective designs.
There was the TougherUPS, UPS Watchman, Dell Transformer, etc...

And now... The Symmetra LX Monster

This unit is made with an APC Large Battery cabinet containing twenty C&D Dynasty 93ah batteries for over 23,000vah of battery umph!

Its equal to about (3) APC Symmetra SYARMXR9B9 battery cabinets at 60% off the new APC price. Plus its still $2000 less than buying 3 refurbished SYARMXR9B9.

The secret is the high rate high amp batteries.  Not only are they cheaper per battery watt.. they last twice as long.

Our original Demo unit has come back to us and its $1000 off our normal price.

July 27, 2013

Extended Run Battery Pack EXPLOSION Sale

Well, not quite an explosion of lead, acid, and electrolytes.... but still its an explosion of inventory that we must sell now.

We have everything from the new SMX battery packs, to the Big Momma and Symmetra Monster Cabinets!

Learn More here... Buy Now before we sell out, get more space or vaporize in cloud of PbSO4

May 13, 2013

newsLightUPS Volume 1

As some have you experienced, we include a variety of items in our orders. Sometimes its sunflower seeds, or a granola bar or mint candy....
But now, we are including a flyer about some specials in a newsletter called newsLightUPS

The first edition is out and can viewed here or downloaded as a PDF.

Efficiency, Dells, Overstock and Surplus batteries were featured in this issue.

May 11, 2013

Product Conditions - Starter, Refurb, Newy and New

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we stock many APC models in different product conditions.

To help budget conscious customers, we introduced our Starter class of products.  These products are fully refurbished, but have starter batteries installed instead of our new Powersonics.  These starter batteries are typically high quality batteries that were never used but have past their sell-by date.  Since batteries must be recharged every 6months or they wont meet their specs, many go stale in warehouses.   However once recharged they typically have most of their original performance

Another class is the Newy.  Here our motivation was to provide our customers a New like product without the crazy new cost.  The Newy unit is an unused unit that expired on the shelf and was liquidated.  We strip the batteries and reinstall FRESH Genuine APC brand batteries.  So in essence you are getting a new product at a great savings.

Learn more about our product conditions here.

April 23, 2013

Repair of APC Smart UPS Online RT Units SURT8000XLT, SURT5000XLT, etc

As one of the few true UPS refurbishers out there, we actually can repair component level parts to UPS units.  In many cases, the parts and labor plus shipping are more than a replacement unit.

However for larger and more expensive units like the APC Smart Online RT series, it actually pays to repair them.

NEW FOR 2018... Our APC Repair Page Has Moved:  

Unlike many other UPSes, the RT line actually is very modular.  There are about 12 parts that can be removed and repaired easily.   These include simple things like controller ribbons to more advanced work such as the power handling unit.

Recently we have been seeing alot of RT units with the Red Overload X and this 2+3 sequence error. They call it an Internal Fault. If you call most refurbishers or APC directly, they will tell that it CANT BE REPAIRED.

Well we can... and have been doing of awhile.

So before you junk your RT unit, consider calling us and getting it repaired

April 20, 2013

Frankenstein is on a streak... Introducing the UPSWatchman

When the power fails, your UPS will give you time to react and power-down critical equipment.  But only if
YOU KNOW the power is off. In today’s noisy server rooms, sometimes a simple strobe can make the difference between a crash and proper shutdown.
The UPS Watchman from GreenlightUPS is an affordable solution to complement your existing power-outage-notification system.  It works independent of the UPS and is nearly fail-safe.

The UPS Watchman includes a signal with strobe, a control box and power handling cords and connectors
for a variety of applications

To use, plug the UPS Watchman into the UPS’s source receptacle.  Then plug the UPS into the UPS Watchman’s connector.  When the power goes off, the UPS Watchman strobe activates using its own power from a long life rechargeable battery pack.

Learn more here...

April 19, 2013

Frankenstein Returns to make a Dell Transformer.... xfDL52

Frequent readers know that we love to make new UPS parts to meet the needs of our customers.
Some are successful, some not so much.  Remember the outdoor UPS, TougherUPS?....  that was great.   The PowerTower 3000 not so much.

Our latest one is the Dell Transformer.  For whatever reason, Dell refuses to make a stepdown transformer to their new line of LCD type UPS.   So we made one...

Introducing the Dell 2U Step down transformer....

It will connect to the Dell eO594, eO694 and E894 series units to generate 120volt household power.  The front cover matches the Dell LCD series.

April 17, 2013

Overstock Surplus Batteries INSIDE OUR REFURBISHED UNITS

After so much success selling those 2011 unused batteries for $7 each...
We decided to pair these great value batteries in our units to multiply your savings

So look for our "X" models at our store or on eBay.

Here are some of the most popular ones

  • APC Smart UPS 1500 2U  (402X) - $269 Save $40
  • APC Smart UPS 5000 w/Transformer (585bkX)  - $1150 Save $160
  • APC Smart UPS 5000 Tower (580X) - $800 - Save $150
  • APC SmartUPS 3000 3u (303X)- $330  Save $79
Have another unit you want to X up?  Email us

April 14, 2013

Spring Changes: One Day Shipping on eBay

We have been on eBay since 1997 and have witness alot of changes on the site.  One area that we have never really embraced is One Day Shipping.

As customers know, UPSes are heavy and FedEx charges ridiculous prices for Overnight service.  We have always suggested Air Cargo for a fraction of the price.  Now with Delta and Southwest servicing over 75 airports, Air Cargo is the reach of nearly everyone.

So, several items are now available in the EXPEDITED shipping category.  And since eBay requires a  fixed price, its $375 for 1 day service..

The $375 includes $250 for air cargo service, $25 rush fee and $100 for courier service.  Some of the models available on this program include:

  • APC 3000va LCD - 302v
  • APC 3000va SUA - 302b
  • APC 5000va RT - 593g4
  • APC 6000va RT - 693g4
  • Dell 3000va 208v - e393
  • APC 3000va RT - 313g4

April 9, 2013

Spring Cleaning Overstocks

Spring Cleaning at OverstockUPS

Below is the latest list of Items available for clearance.  All of these units are 120 volt smalls which can be shipped cheaply by themselves OR typically FREE with other GreenlightUPS freight order.

This year, we added a "Starter" battery option.  These prices are based on using unused but out of date batteries.  Probably enough to get you a few years of life.

March 18, 2013

Unused Batteries past their date... up for sale

As you know we got hundreds of brand new Dell UPS units in recently...

Most of them were made in 2011 and had high quality fresh batteries installed in them.  But after a year, their batteries were no longer under warranty and units liquidated.

While the batteries are no longer factory spec'd and warrantied they still have a great amount of life in them.  When we recharged them, many of them had 90% or better mhos ratio, suggesting plenty of life still left.

Maybe they aren't worth $28 new..... but they are a steal at....

March 12, 2013

When True Online is neither True or Online

Call me old fashioned, but I am getting tired of words and specs being so loosely interpreted that they can me anything.

Last week I bought some "pomegranate juice" to make into real grenadine for a fireman's sour.   (give me a break... its always hot enough here in Florida for foo foo drinks).  It turned out it was mostly apple juice. Next, I rented a 4x4 earlier this week.  But found out that its not a true 4x4 but a "independent drive" transmission which "works like a 4x4." Then today I bought a Chef's Oyster knife which promptly broke after 4 oysters.

The juice, 4x4 and knife all pretended to be something we know and trust.  But in each case someone decided we didnt really need what we wanted.

The same is true in Online UPSes.  Nearly everyone says their Online UPS is true online or double conversion.  But the reality is few actually are truly online types.

The manufacturers (like the juice, 4x4, and knife guys) wont admit to lying, but rather simplifing the complex terminology to give you value.   That simplifying can be disastrous.  My drink tastes like crap, I slide off the road, and stare at unopened oysters.

But one manufacturer has decided to introduce a new term to describe true online.   Its GE Digital and they call their honest Online systems a true Voltage and Frequency Independent online system

This matters for people needing their UPSes to keep constant frequency.   Most Tripplite and Powerware so called Online systems arent True VFI Online.   But APC's 3000 actually is

March 4, 2013

6000, 6000, 6000 ... Cant get enough?

I know I mentioned way back, that the APC 6000 3U unit was a great model... it has the L630P plug, net card and rail kit included, true online, and a small 3U frame...

But its getting crazy... in that everyone is asking about, repairing and buying them.

While thats fine.. we wanted to remind you of some BETTER buys in the 6kva range AND what makes them better

Dell Smarter LCD 6000 (eO694)

  • Blue LCD with full control
  • 200 to 240volt rated  
  • Online Double Conversion w/high efficiency mode
  • 10sec rail kit
  • more here

Liebert 6000va GXT 3 (lx695)

  • Arguably the best Online UPS manufacturer
  • 150% rated overload for those peak energy needs
  • More runtime 

Tripplite 6000va 6U (to696)

  • Great price
  • Twice the runtime as the 693g4
  • Free Network card included
  • $300 less than 693g4

Powerware 6000va (p9695)

  • Best 6kva value
  • More than twice the runtime
  • $400 less

APC 7500va 6U (796g3).

  • 1500va more power
  • Twice the battery of the 3U 6000va
  • Just $150 more for equivalently bundled unit (ask for 796g4)

February 26, 2013

$600 Cash Back on Liebert NFinity Systems

Its getting crazy... we normally sell 10-15 times more Symmetras than Liebert NFinitys, but its been so long since we have sold one of these beasts we are offering a 1 time crazy offer.
For those not familiar, the Liebert NFinity is a modular UPS like the Symmetra LX.  In some ways they are better than the Symmetra.  Four things stand out
  • Wider Input Voltage Window
  • Highest Overload Capability (110%)
  • Smallest footprint for 16kva (20" W x 28" D x 41" H)
  • 12kva costs under $4000... Symmetra LX 12kva costs $5500
Learn more here

We have two listed (a 12kva and 8kva redundant) but other combinations are available.  Order online from the store and you'll receive $600 worth of American Express Gift cards.  First order gets it.