January 31, 2011

Qtr 1 - 2011 - Newsletter Out

Below is our quarterly newsletter with specials, advice and and tips in PDF

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January 26, 2011

Rumble in the Rack I - APC 593g4 versus MGE mx593

APC SmartUPS Online 5000va (SURTD5000XLT
MGE Pulsar MX 5000va (87050)
They both have:

  • 5000va Double Conversion Online in a 3U frame
  • 208 and 240volt options
  • 4 output receptacles
  • XL feature for extended run
  • Rack or tower formats

The APC has:

  • more battery capacity to start
  • greater efficiency at (91%) full load
The MGE has:
  • More voltage options 220, 230
  • More wattage 4500watts (versus 3500watts)
  • LCD Display
  • Hardwire output
  • Modular interconnect-ability to 10kva

January 25, 2011

The We in Webob is becoming a Cyborg

Wesley Shreve, my partner in GreenlightUPS is recovering well after a hip replacement surgery today.  After years of a full life in competitive sports (and no doubt lifting heavy UPS units) doctors recommended a new hip joint.

While he will be out of commission for a few weeks, with his new hip he should 110% within a few months.

What does refurbished really mean

Even though I just talked about the need for clear definitions, defining refurbishment in anything other than a grey nebouis concepts, would be counter-productive.  The reason is 90% of what we sell is "refurbished ."  Hell, I even say our rack rails are "refurbished "

In a technical sense, refurbishment means... used computer equipment that has been restored to like-new working condition

At GreenlightUPS, refurbished means... not factory new, but 100% functional with new batteries.

This vague definition can include: never used open box items to well used items. Cosmetically, it can include a mint looking 1998 model UPS to a beat up 2010  model.  Either way, our techs test the item, clean or repair cosmetic and internal components, and install new fresh batteries.

What if I care and prefer a never used open box item to an Ok looking older unit?

Its easy, all the units we sell were released in a fairly tight production window.  Models made today werent made 6 years ago.  So a Powerware 5135 (p5392v) released in 2010 probably is a customer-return or damaged unit rather than an off lease item... meaning its probably unused.  A SmartUPS 3000 3U (303) from 2000, probably has been well used, but fully restored.  Thats why the Powerware is $800 and the SmartUPS is $400

Bottomline, call us anytime and we can find the right unit for your needs.  Our inventory turns over very fast, so we can always find what you need.

January 24, 2011

When SMART is not so smart

It seems like everyone uses the term Smart UPS.

APC owns the trademark, but Tripplite uses SmartOnline, Cyberpower uses Smart App, and Powervar uses ACE Smart in their UPS brands

But does the term Smart really mean.

To some, Smart means the ability to interact with the UPS.  But some even APC Smart UPS units, dont have this feature. And even you accept this definition, nearly every UPS interacts through a computer.  So unless everyone is exceptionally gifted, this definition doesn't work.

To me Smart should mean a better UPS: interactive, responsive, cleaner.  Features like communications, voltage trim, surge suppression and pure sine wave should be in a smarter UPS.   APC for the most part follows this.  All the APC Smart-UPS unit have these features, except the crappy square wave Smart UPS SC and the non Network management Smart UPS 420.   Tripplite and Cyberpower dont seem to follow the sine wave rule as Smart VS units and Smart App both are square wave.

Bottomline, since the definition isnt really clear, avoid using or paying any attention to the term.  Its a fluff word, like adding the word Hot toWings.

January 23, 2011

Another Rush order fulfilled by GreenlightUPS and Delta DASH

This time it was to Pittsburgh and it was again an APC Smart UPS Online 5kva unit.

Call came in around 3p.  Product left to the Airport at 6p.  Unit flew first thing in the AM to Atlanta, then onto Pittsburgh by Noon.  Total shipping cost was about $180.

While it probably didnt help the Steelers bury the Jets, it may have allowed the IT team to go out and celebrate without worrying about their servers

January 21, 2011

He is a Swell Wink, even if his Glitches give me Saggy Bumps

Swells, Winks, Glitches, Sags, Bumps.. are terms to describe electricity... but did you know that the engineers at IEEE actually have engineered official terminology for power problems.  There are five problems:

  1. Transients
  2. Interruptions
  3. Sags
  4. Swells
  5. Waveform distortions
Mercifully, a smart battery backup unit can address all five.  APC's interesting white paper covers these power problems and some solutions.
Click for Larger View

Looks like APC is quietly pushing those Environmental Probes as a solution to #1 .... I personally would recommend a good surge suppressor instead of adjusting the humidity in the room.

January 19, 2011

MGE UPS Units... could they be the best ever

We have just got a few MGE UPS units in.  MGE is not a popular brand in the United States, but it well known in Europe.   The MGE brand is like a kid from a divorced family, since its owned by APC (Schneider Electric) and Powerware (Eaton).  A merger forced the split in brands

MGE through APC recalls the legendary 3phase units, like the MGE Comet.  Today's MGE Galaxy is its main offering.

MGE through Powerware/Eaton is the single phase UPS units, like the Pulsar units.   Today, Eaton is phasing out the MGE name in the US.  The MGE Pulsar's are now called Eaton MX units.  

Anyway,  we just got in some MGE units.  These units are typically the darlings of electrical engineers.  They are well built units and seem more substantial than the APC units.  Since these are 2010 models, they feature some of the newest UPS advances and features

 The Evolution (mg312) is like the APC SUM3000RMXL2U and the Pulsar MX (mx593) is totally unique in that its like a APC Smart Online and Symmetra, since it can transformer from 5k to 20k by linking units together.

January 17, 2011

Random APC Part of the month V

APC makes a Residential Hardwired Surge Suppressor.... PMP1X-A

These devices install at your main panel and provide protection for everything in your panel.  We recommend these types of units.   Our most popular unit is Eaton's CHSP Micro unit.

We honestly have never seen this product and based on its specs, seems a bit expensive compared to other brands.  The APC model lists for $269, the Eaton product with more protection is about $100.

Looking for more Random APC Parts

January 16, 2011

KnowUPS - Getting More from your UPS: Issue I - EPO

EPO or Emergency Power Off is a safety mechanism intended to power down electrical equipment in an emergency, in order to protect personnel and facilities.
Most modern UPSes feature an EPO terminal block.  However, no one has ever asked me about it and I rarely include the EPO block in the sale.   On the APC SUA SmartUPS line (200B) they are located by the comm ports.  It is a simple Normally Open contact block

But EPO does has a place and its actually required above 750va according to NEC code.

"A means shall be provided to disconnect power to all electronic equipment. The disconnecting means shall also disconnect the battery from the load."

Since UPS units are always providing electricity, whether the power is on or off, having a way to kill all electricity quickly does have a purpose.  

Realistically, as electricians, we rarely see anyone actually connecting small UPS units to a EPO switch.  But as we have seen in our lab, DC voltage from batteries can burn and hurt.   Read more from APC's whitepaper.

Bottomline, if you need or want the EPO feature, be sure to ask for the contact block to ship with your order.

January 14, 2011

3phase Options

When you need a 3 phase UPS, there are two different types of options.  The first is modular 3phase. The other is integral 3phase.  

Modular systems by APC and Powerware allow you to easily scale, maintain, and replace your UPS as it ages.  If you invest in these units, when one component goes bad, it can easily be replaced.  Further if you need a larger size, you just add more modules.  GreenlightUPS sells the APC Symmetra PX 40 & 80kva.

The other type of 3phase UPS is the Integral type.  These units are very common and made by everyone.  The most popular are the Liebert Infinity and APC Silicon.  While these units can be bought used or refurbished, you take a major risk, since if one component goes bad the replacement is exorbitant.   Only buy these if you have a detailed service history.   These units need regular Preventive Maintenance which can be thousands of dollars each year.

So if you can afford the Symmetra PX series, we strongly recommend it over the integral units.   But, if needed, we can source a well maintained integral UPS from our trusted partners.   We often can find these APC Silcon 208/208v UPS units starting at $6500.00

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.... new things in store for GreenLightUPS

Happy New Year,

A few announcements...
1) To our South Florida customers, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Electrical Service division.  Under our parent company's name, Wesworth Electric, we can handle all your electrical needs.  Our website has been launched and our grand opening will be in mid January.  Wesworth is a State Licensed Electrical Contractor.

2) Addressing our shortcomings in 2010.  Our customers have told us that 2 things will make their purchase experience better.  A) Easier Website and B) Easier packaging.  
So we are developing a new webstore backbone  and we are also investing in an InstaFOAM packing system.  Both of these improvements will make GreenlightUPS an even better experience in 2011