December 30, 2011

Export Shipping Options to Brasil and the world

We'll love to serve the world's needs for power protection, but often shipping these very heavy items is exorbitant.   

However, a growing number of people are buying our units to export to other countries.  While prohibitive for just 1 unit, reasonable less-than-container rates can be found since we are so close to the Miami Port.

So if you need a UPS in Brasil, Portugal, or Panama... dont be afraid to ask us.  We use Air Parcel Express for great rates.   Check them out here.  Dont forget to add about $50 for crating and your countries' duties and taxes.

December 29, 2011

U P aSked: Can I use a SUA3000RMT2U on a regular home 240VAC without damaging the UPS

Danger Will Robinson.. Danger !

High voltage is often causally described as 208, 220, 230, 240 and even 250volt.  But as previously mentioned, high voltage in the US only comes in two nominal flavors:  208v and 240v.  

Recap on Voltages
208volt is derived from commercial 3phase power (though it actually single phase).
240volt is derived from some commercial 3phase power, smaller commercial locations AND more commonly found in people's home.

Recap on UPS Voltage Signatures
Nearly every manufacturer (EXCEPT APC) make units that are good for all types of US and in many cases international power.
UPS will output what the input power is (eg 208v in > 208v out).  And will go to protect mode if the input power is off or the voltage is out of range.
For this to work, you must make sure your UPS can output the voltage you want.  Either automatically or pre-set in the configuration

Most SmartUPS units just output 208volt.   So when you give it 240volt, it will think you are getting a surge and trim the voltage down back to 208v.  Or as APC says...
if you will use it on a much more higher voltage the unit will run online but will be on AVR Trim state which in the long run would damage the mechanism that corrects voltages.

Bottomline... if you need 240volt for a home server UPS... look for our listings with the 200v+, 240, or 208/240v icons.  Sadly that SUA3000RMT2U is not one of them.

December 18, 2011

End of Year 3000va Specials

Our most popular class of UPS is the 3000va 120volt Rackmount unit.... and now we have 2 great affordable options.
The Tripplite model (to313c) is a full double conversion unit, retailing for $1700 new.  But since this is the older style, we got them on sale with free shipping.   Plus, unlike the $800 APC Online unit, these tripplites are ready for PDUs with the twistlock backplate.

The Minuteman Enterprise (mm313) is a true 3200va unit, offering a bit more power to those customers needing a few more watts.  Plus since we got these by the pallet, we can offer them for $377.  Its a great value, but even better since they have the twistlock backplate and shallow depth for all types of installations.

December 10, 2011

Whats in store for 2012

As we wrap up another record year at GreenlightUPS, we wanted to share with you some developments planned for 2012.

  • Warranty Changes - our warranty policy will split into standard and gold levels.   In response to our competitors changes, we will offer a more limited standard warranty.  But will offer a gold level warranty for those looking for a hassle free full service warranty.  And the Good News... all existing customers, will get the Gold Warranty standard
  • New eBay Portal - we have opened GreenlightUPS Outlet, for some crazy clearance and scratch and dent items.   
  • New Payment Options on our website - We are leaving Paypal to a AuthorizeNET API to meet customer's needs.  Plus we are adding PO and Invoice options.
  • Price Changes - We always want to keep our prices low, but an inevitable increase in lead for batteries may push our prices up... so buy in 2011 before the change.

December 7, 2011

Random Part of the Month XV - ACRD500

APC is primarily a power equipment company, but it also is a big seller of HVAC equipment.  Honestly, my eyes gloss over when people talk about server room cooling.  But when our IT tech friend came across one of these ACRD500 beasts being de-installed, I was impressed.

This is a 1000lb cabinet filled with giant quiet fans, sensors, regulators, and filters.   Its impressive.  While probably not worth the $16000 price tag, it was well made.  Since no one has ever asked for rack row coolers units, I decided not to buy it.   Maybe when it gets 95 degrees again here, I might regret not having this beast in our warehouse.

December 5, 2011

ReMade versus Refurbished..... The newest option in UPS sales

To meet a growing need of our IT professionals to sell high quality & high value UPS units, we have formally opened our GreenlightLABS Remade UPS division.
Units from the LAB are fully restored with original accessories, new covers & bezels, original packaging, extended warranties and mint new batteries.  This feature allows customers to sell these unit at a greater markup.

We typically offer LAB service to any UPS still in production including the SUA, SMT, and SURT APC models.  Email or call for details and pricing

December 2, 2011

New Product - Affordable 3kva UPS units

Why we normally shy away from non-major brands, we got an opportunity that meet many people's needs at a great price.  Introducing the Minuteman Enterprise UPS 3200 series.

These units available in 120 and 200v are well spec'd UPSes, fully refurbished with new batts.... but at a fraction of the price of the APC and Eaton Models

Learn more here:  mm313 (120v)  |  mm392 (200v)

415UPS and 2ndGrid divisions close down

After several years, Wesworth has ended its relationship with and folded the 2ndGrid division back into GreenlightUPS.

In official corporate speak, we would say the reason is "in order to refocus our energies and improve our branding", but the reality was that any efficiencies gained from these two ventures were offset by higher operating costs.

Not to worry, GreenlightUPS will continue to serve its California and IT consultants under the main store.'s ebay store will re-open as GreenlightUPS O-U-T-L-E-T in 2012