February 28, 2015

Redundancy in Rack Systems

Recently, we have selling several systems where people are ordering 2 of everything.  2 UPSes, 2 network cards and 2 XR battery packs

While we love selling them, we are worried that people are taking the double redundancy thing a bit far. By duplicating everything, your server rack gets overly congested and complicated.

A/B redundancy is good, but buying a Symmetra RM with internal redundancy is better and CHEAPER.

The Symmetra RM is a 6kva system with built in redundancy with control, battery and power modules in a N+1 design.  This means if one module fails, instantly the other one assumes control with no loss of power.

Learn more with our onesheet here and compare our $3000 Symmetra RM system with the dual 6kva system for $4300.

February 24, 2015

Innovating Up a Snowstorm....at GreenLightUPS

Not exactly a snowstorm... more like a sunny paradise with chilly brews and drinks.  (its ok to hate us).

Here are some on the Innovations that have begun at GreenLightUPS....

  • NoBuyUPS - Power Protection Solutions by the Month
  • FirstLightUPS - Overnight UPS delivery for a fraction of the cost
  • GreenLight 24x7 - Real time monitoring of your UPS systems
  • GreenLight Labs - on the cusp to introduce some innovative UPS solutions

February 22, 2015

Our New Dark Side Postcard

Does one ever go through all their marketing materials, before another idea causes them to re-do everything.

We here at GreenLightUPS, gone are the soft-core "How Big is Your Need" postcards and now the "Midnight Lighting Storm" cards are out.

You'll see them in the new Thank You packs and on your windshield if you park at the Wednesday Night Swap Shop Horror Night watching B movies.

February 2, 2015

First time available at GreenLightUPS

Small compact 3phase units are becoming more popular as modern blade servers require more and more power in a tight frame.

The HP R8000/3 Series is a high quality UPS based on Eaton's BladeUPS design.  Designed to provide local power to a high-density rack, the HP3896 is a great 6U ups units.

However, GreenLightUPS customers may appreciate this unit since it can offer 3phase power in a tight footprint.

The only downside is that the output is a L15-30R instead the more common L21-30R.  This means that the unit is not ready for panel connection or other systems that need a dedicated neutral.

We sold our first one recently and we included a nice little cart for the unit roll around on.   We are excited to have these little guys in stock.

February 1, 2015

5PX Products Arrive

Eaton's latest line interactive units, the 5PX series is starting to come to the refurbished marketplace.

The Eaton 5PX Rack/Tower UPS with a next-generation intuitive LCD display, energy consumption metering down to the outlet group level, and up to 99% efficiency, the 5PX is the perfect UPS to protect modern IT equipment.

I like a few things about the 5PX.  They have great yield (1440watts @ 1500va) and the simple rack/tower switch is a nice touch.   Plus having all models extended run (even if they bring back the dreaded 5start connector cable) is great.  Finally, keeping the 3kva at 72volt now makes it an attractive option compared the 120vdc rating of the APC XL series.

GreenLightUPS has several models in stock:  30000va, 1500va and New models as well.