August 1, 2013

Introducing the Black Label UPS

Our inventory guy is going crazy as we introduce another line of refurbished UPS units.  

On top of our Newy, Reseller Ready and Starter lines.... We now have launched our Black Label line.

Black Label UPSes are made with the best battery on the planet, Panasonic.  

Many years ago nearly every APC and Powerware unit came with Panasonic batteries standard.  But over time, price pressure has led APC to leave Panasonic for BB, Vision or Long John batteries.  Panasonic's state of the art manufacturing plants and impeccable manufacturing prowess means your UPS will have the best batteries for your mission critical applications.   

We have signed a commitment to buy 5,000 Panasonics in 2013 for our Black Label lines.  Over the next few weeks, we will be launching several products with the Black Label option.  Available on Symmetras, Dell, and APC SUA SmartUPS.

Check out the first two Black Label Units:   Dell Online 6000va and APC SUA 3000va.  Look for more Black Label products designated with a "A" at the end.