August 11, 2009

APC units Made in America ONGOING

This week I had a call from a company that wanted to buy UPSes made in america.

Like everything today, I think thats impossible. But in light of the economic climate, I owe it to my customers to find out. This will be an ongoing post:

<> APC - all new units - made in Philippines?
<> APC - SU* models - made in Rhode Island

<> Powersonic - made in china
<> Yuasa - made in china

August 7, 2009

Difference between ...XLI and ... XLT models

APC's high voltage products come in 2 types. The first is the 208volt standard. The other is the international 230volt standard. Most 208v units are designated with a "T" in the part #... SURTD5000XLT. Most 230v units are designated with a "I" such as SURT5000XLI.

The problem is that high voltage in the US is not always 208v. Homeowners wanting highvoltage UPSes need 240volt. Some businesses also only have 240volt.

The good news is that in most cases, these units can be set to accept any voltage from 190 to 260. Further, most high voltage equipment can take 200-250v without a problem.

So while most people in the states should take the "T" version, its not a problem choosing the "I" version.

CAUTION: The only problem is if you need a stepdown transformer. 208volts units step down to 120. 230volt units step down to 126volt.

I am sick of 2U requests

I understand the nature of my business is to serve customers and answer all calls. But, after an 11pm call from a guy in Washington tonight, I might want to rethink my policy.... well probably not.

The guy started out telling me that he had to have a several SUA3000RM2U units. I told him that I didnt recommend this unit and asked him some questions on why he would choose that unit.

Instead of listening to me, he kept telling me that it had to be this unit or else. Finally, I gave up and told him to buy from somewhere else.

I really hate the SUA3000RM2U unit. IMO its poorly made, overheats, provides minimal runtime time, and since its private labelled as a Dell DL3000RM2U, it was made to last just as long as the servers.

However, since I am tired of arguing with people on this, I will shut up and take these orders. But, for those wanting a good system, choose the DL3000RM3U instead of the SUA/DL3000RM2U.