August 28, 2012

New New New New Units...

Exciting NEWs... These  NEW offerings from GreenlightUPS are for NEW sealed boxed units from our  NEW  site.    Lots of  NEWs (oh the puns)

Visit this site for some new Genuine APC RBC battery packs

Visit our our main site for new APC UPS units

August 26, 2012


FrankensteinUPS... That's what a friend called my custom APC Battery BackUP units.

But while they are a creation of mad-UPS technician, they are not to be feared.  These customized and modified UPS units were designed to meet a specific market need, underserved by the traditional UPS models.

So here a guide to some of our "creations"

UPS for Copiers  = 310r  (LINK)
3000va to handle startup, but smaller batteries to save money

UPS for those stuck on the BackUPS RS Units = 402rt  (LINK)
Same wattage as those goofy units, but with a Pure Sine output, at about the same price!

5kva Online UPS with a transformer in a 5U rack format = 593g4k  (LINK)
I must be crazy, but APC wont let you buy this combination as a set.  They steer you to something which is a lot more money.  But we have it.  

Rack Tower 3kva System that wont break the bank = 302t  (LINK)
Want flexibility in the mounting.... too bad says APC.  We say nonsense... here is a 3kva unit that can be a 2U or thin client tower... around $500.

A combination Cabinet and Fan System = rk42a7F  (LINK)
Again weird that APC doesnt pair these two options... an awesome rack cabinet with an amazing fan system.

August 18, 2012

Handy Solutions... now in kit form

I have been known to spend hours working on UPS solutions for customers.  Sometimes the fix is easy and I suggest a few parts that make all the difference.  When the same problem and solution keeps coming up... I now bundle the parts up and refer the customer to our website to order.

Two more Solutions Kits have been added.

Kit 4 solves the problem of the desire to add your own large batteries to an UPS safely.  This kit includes the connector, cable, terminals and fusing to make this easy and safe.

Kit 5 solves the growing problem of converting from 120volt to 208volt without using a transformer.  As I mentioned several times, all your equipment runs fine at high voltage.  The only problem is changing your cord structure.  This kit provides the high voltage PDU and power cords.  Plus since many people are going from 120v 30amp to 250v 30a, I have included a L630 receptacle to match the UPS.  In many cases you can use that same 30amp circuit to run the high voltage on.