November 22, 2014

APC Smart UPS Online SRT Released.... the 593g5

APC's long awaited new design for the Online Smart UPS has finally hit the US shores.  After being available in South America and Europe since earlier this year, a few have arrived.

While we dont know all the features, we noticed a few surprises on the 5k 230v version.
The US model will be called SRT5KRMXLT or 593g4 to us

  • First, the LCD is a black, white and red design which looks really sharp.  
  • Second, the SMT's use of banked outlets has been incorporated.
  • Third, the SRT will use 192vDC battery packs which should mean RBC44s will work.  But they are calling them APCRBC140
  • Fourth, the yield / PF has gone up, so you get 85watts per 100va unit of UPS.
  • Fifth, there seems to be a network card built in on the unit.  

This 5kva unit we have isnt ours to sell, but look soon for GreenlightUPS to release a SRT version for sale at our customary 50% off list.

November 18, 2014

I need a 10kva 3phase Unit... why are you giving me a car

Recently a customer called needing a 3phase 10 kva.  He wanted feed a subpanel and was looking for a UPS solution that wouldn't cost $15,000.

While we have 10kva 3phase systems... I asked him Why he needs 3phase?   He told me that the subpanel was 3phase to the IT room and he wanted to power the entire 50-amp panel seamlessly,

I told him Good News!  I have a solution that is under your budget AND it includes a FREE new Car.

Because the solution was just a regular 10 kva unit and a single phase subpanel... I could throw in the new Nissan Versa for $11990 and still be under $15,000.

Remember, only buy a 3phase unit IF YOUR EQUIPMENT IS 3PHASE!   His IT equipment was all single phase servers and didn't need 3phase anywhere.   Just change the subpanel to single phase and our 10 kva unit will power all the loads.

While he passed on the free new car, he did take our Liebert GXT2 10kva with integrated bypass and split phase output.

November 16, 2014

GreenLightUPS Creation Number XXVII

It often begins with a customer request:  Someone wants a outdoor UPS.. the ToughUPS is created, Someone wants a 6kva unit that can roll around... the O Series is born.  Someone wants a thin tower.. the 302bt arrives.

The latest creation from the bowels of the GreenLightUPS lab is the Dell Online Tower.  We took the regular Dell Online UPS 3kva and changed the screen, added tower feet, and installed a twistlock backplate on the UPS.   Now the eO314L is alive and kicking... The first one left last week.. who will be the next owner?

November 13, 2014

FirstLightUPS is set to launch

After taking another UPS to the airport for overnight delivery... it made perfect sense to start advertising this feature.

FirstLightUPS's purpose will be to offer affordable overnight delivery of UPS systems.  FLU will keep a handful of popular models, tested, and prepped ready to go for next day delivery.  But unlike expensive FedEx, FLU will send units for nearly the same price as regular shipping.

Why?  Because, FLU ships to the airport overnight. Then you can pick up the item at the airport or we can arrange a local courier to do that.

Last night I sent a 120 lbs box to JFK for $104.  Standard 4 days shipping was $129.  FedEx Priority would cost $438.  FLU charges a $20 delivery fee to our airport  (its to buy me dinner at an amazing sushi restaurant on the way back from the airport)

So stay tuned to learn how FLU can meet your overnight UPS needs.

November 11, 2014

Why I love a Unit - Part 1

Today a customer called and got me started on the wonders of a Liebert LG694P.

The poor customer had to endure my raconteur about the subtleties of this fine unit.  Suddenly a vision from my 8am college Latin classes working out Ovid flashed into my mind.  I quickly stopped and felt foolish that I was trying to create lyrical poetry of a UPS unit.

However, it got me thinking.. maybe I should share with everyone my opinions on certain units. Often people overlook certain models and miss out on the wonderful value.

So, a new occasional series... Why I love a Unit.

The Liebert GXT26000RT208 is great for several reasons.

Low & High Voltage Outputs  - So many of you are still buying transformers to get your legacy 120volt loads.  Stop that and get this model.  it includes both high voltage and 120volt loads in a tight 4U frame.  You have to buy the very expensive APC SURT P3U series to get this feature.  That model sells (when we have them) for $2300.

Bypass Switch Included - I just sold a $300 bypass switch for a 5 kva unit.  If they had bought this model that bypass switch is included free.

Price -  $1700 is a great price for a 6kva unit with transformer and bypass kit.  The APC SURT version would be  over $2200 and be a clunky 7U.

Subpanel Ready - Want to power a small panel in your server room.  This units is ready for it.  Hardwired ports will connect directly to wiring of your panel.  Simple 1,2,3/

Because of these features, i recommend this unit for any new installation or application.  And now for the for next 30 days, we'll include a FREE Network card with this system if you buy in November 2014.  Buy this unit now

November 4, 2014

10kva Sale Announced- 10% CASH BACK

In most cases, these are the largest single units made.  Many times during the year, we sell out and scrounge to meet demand, but we have gotten another batch in recently.  Buy one today and get a 10% Cash back via Paypal.

The most popular is the APC Smart UPS Online unit.  This 6U/Tower has the power to high draw imaging equipment and printers.

Another option is the Liebert systems.  Often cited as the premier UPS maker, these units are affordability priced.  Plus these give you 120volt power without the need of a transformer.  The 2nd generation GXT2 is the best bargain at $2200.  Its newer cousin is $2800.

Then dont forget our Newy line... We have both the APC and Lieberts new in the box with fresh 2014 genuine batteries.  Hundreds less than Amazon, these are a great buy in stock.

  • APC Online Tower [1096g3]
  • APC Online w/webcard, rails, latest release: [1096g4]
  • APC Online with twin 120v transformers [1096g4k]
  • APC Online with twin isolation transformers [1096g4s]
  • APC Online with 10kva isolation transformer [1096g4f]
  • IBM Online 11kva LCD [ib1195v]
  • Liebert GXT2 Tower/Rack [lg1096]
  • Liebert GXT3 Tower/Rack [lx1096]
  • newy ~ APC Online w/webcard, rails, latest release: [1096g4Q]
  • newy ~ Liebert GXT3 Tower/Rack [lx1096]

How to Buy:  WEB: Its automatic.. just buy from our store by November 15.  PHONE: Call 954-580-4070 and remind us of the cash back promotion.  Cash back is sent to Paypal address of your choosing and are processed ~30 days after the order.