April 23, 2013

Repair of APC Smart UPS Online RT Units SURT8000XLT, SURT5000XLT, etc

As one of the few true UPS refurbishers out there, we actually can repair component level parts to UPS units.  In many cases, the parts and labor plus shipping are more than a replacement unit.

However for larger and more expensive units like the APC Smart Online RT series, it actually pays to repair them.

NEW FOR 2018... Our APC Repair Page Has Moved:  

Unlike many other UPSes, the RT line actually is very modular.  There are about 12 parts that can be removed and repaired easily.   These include simple things like controller ribbons to more advanced work such as the power handling unit.

Recently we have been seeing alot of RT units with the Red Overload X and this 2+3 sequence error. They call it an Internal Fault. If you call most refurbishers or APC directly, they will tell that it CANT BE REPAIRED.

Well we can... and have been doing of awhile.

So before you junk your RT unit, consider calling us and getting it repaired

April 20, 2013

Frankenstein is on a streak... Introducing the UPSWatchman

When the power fails, your UPS will give you time to react and power-down critical equipment.  But only if
YOU KNOW the power is off. In today’s noisy server rooms, sometimes a simple strobe can make the difference between a crash and proper shutdown.
The UPS Watchman from GreenlightUPS is an affordable solution to complement your existing power-outage-notification system.  It works independent of the UPS and is nearly fail-safe.

The UPS Watchman includes a signal with strobe, a control box and power handling cords and connectors
for a variety of applications

To use, plug the UPS Watchman into the UPS’s source receptacle.  Then plug the UPS into the UPS Watchman’s connector.  When the power goes off, the UPS Watchman strobe activates using its own power from a long life rechargeable battery pack.

Learn more here...

April 19, 2013

Frankenstein Returns to make a Dell Transformer.... xfDL52

Frequent readers know that we love to make new UPS parts to meet the needs of our customers.
Some are successful, some not so much.  Remember the outdoor UPS, TougherUPS?....  that was great.   The PowerTower 3000 not so much.

Our latest one is the Dell Transformer.  For whatever reason, Dell refuses to make a stepdown transformer to their new line of LCD type UPS.   So we made one...

Introducing the Dell 2U Step down transformer....

It will connect to the Dell eO594, eO694 and E894 series units to generate 120volt household power.  The front cover matches the Dell LCD series.

April 17, 2013

Overstock Surplus Batteries INSIDE OUR REFURBISHED UNITS

After so much success selling those 2011 unused batteries for $7 each...
We decided to pair these great value batteries in our units to multiply your savings

So look for our "X" models at our store or on eBay.

Here are some of the most popular ones

  • APC Smart UPS 1500 2U  (402X) - $269 Save $40
  • APC Smart UPS 5000 w/Transformer (585bkX)  - $1150 Save $160
  • APC Smart UPS 5000 Tower (580X) - $800 - Save $150
  • APC SmartUPS 3000 3u (303X)- $330  Save $79
Have another unit you want to X up?  Email us

April 14, 2013

Spring Changes: One Day Shipping on eBay

We have been on eBay since 1997 and have witness alot of changes on the site.  One area that we have never really embraced is One Day Shipping.

As customers know, UPSes are heavy and FedEx charges ridiculous prices for Overnight service.  We have always suggested Air Cargo for a fraction of the price.  Now with Delta and Southwest servicing over 75 airports, Air Cargo is the reach of nearly everyone.

So, several items are now available in the EXPEDITED shipping category.  And since eBay requires a  fixed price, its $375 for 1 day service..

The $375 includes $250 for air cargo service, $25 rush fee and $100 for courier service.  Some of the models available on this program include:

  • APC 3000va LCD - 302v
  • APC 3000va SUA - 302b
  • APC 5000va RT - 593g4
  • APC 6000va RT - 693g4
  • Dell 3000va 208v - e393
  • APC 3000va RT - 313g4

April 9, 2013

Spring Cleaning Overstocks

Spring Cleaning at OverstockUPS

Below is the latest list of Items available for clearance.  All of these units are 120 volt smalls which can be shipped cheaply by themselves OR typically FREE with other GreenlightUPS freight order.

This year, we added a "Starter" battery option.  These prices are based on using unused but out of date batteries.  Probably enough to get you a few years of life.