September 13, 2012

Symmetra PX Output Designs

Its weird, sometimes I get two customers asking almost the same thing within days of each other.  I wonder if you all are just ganging up on me.

Though I try very hard to be accurate and consistent, sometimes the 2nd guy gets the better answer.   And by the time I write this out, an even better answer comes out.

This week its "how do i can use the 3phase power from the PX to power my servers"

The first guy got my electrical answer....  Install a subpanel and distribute the circuits like you would in your house.  The second guy got the APC InfrastruXure answer.  .... Buy lots of PDUs and power whips and keep everything free flowing in the racks.

Both the blue-collar union electrician design works as well as the hippy techie super scalable design.  But there are some important design considerations worthy of a GreenlightUPS Onesheet.

Download it here.  

September 11, 2012

What's the Frequency Kenneth? .. since Bob doesnt know what he is talking about.

Back in 2010, I made some snarky statement about Frequency in UPSes and exercise machines.  And more importantly I made a FALSE statement.  I said this nonsense:

Unfortunately, UPSes input and output whatever frequency you give them.  To change frequency you need a Genset or something god-awfully expensive.

It turns out, this is true for most APC and Tripplite models.  But Liebert Online units can deliver both 50 and 60hz regardless of the input frequency.

The Liebert GXT2 series available in 6000va, 3000va and 2000va.

So now our overseas friends can take that low frequency power and pump it up to 60 mind-blowing hertz... Like DJ Mono's.. the Frequency


September 8, 2012

Another Frankenstein..... ThePowerTower3000

I am always surprised that so many businesses refuse to tweek or modify their products or services to meet the needs of the customer.  

Just this month I got requests for a) frequency converter in Jamaica, b) emergency power station for a lab, c) equipment protector for photolab exporter, and d) a UPS to power the brains of a CNC machine.
Nearly always, I come with something.  Sometimes its too much money, other times I figure a work around using their parts.... but still other times I create something crazy.

This time its the Power Tower 3000.
While it sounds like some bad 80s sci-fi gadget its actually a pretty cool device.   What the customer wanted was a) a UPS to power some lighting circuits, b) would work off a generator, and c)offer alot of runtime.

Thats what this baby can do.  It starts with a Matrix UPS which is a tranformer-centric UPS which can output 4 wire 120/240 power.   It then has a 48VDC bus so sets of four car sized batteries can be added to create lots of runtime.   Finally it has a din rail type subpanel which allows for separate lighting circuits to be hardwired into it.

We built something similar last time... but this looks like an affordable solution for my customer.  Whether he pulls the Buy switch and brings this creation to life is still unknown.   Stay tuned.

September 2, 2012

Bill Me Later - 18 month interest free!!

Bill Me Later is a Paypal service offered to individuals and businesses which allows you to buy from selected merchants at a very favorable interest rate.  In the world of tight budgets, getting some flexibility with your purchases is a welcome relief.

We recently had a customer complete a 5000$ deal with them and he was very satisfied.

If you are interested, please carefully review the terms.   Then we'll be glad to bundle your purchase on our website for the Bill Me Later option.

Remember, Bill Me Later is service from a third party and any questions or concerns should direct to them.