June 22, 2010

Most power per pound

We recently have been getting many requests from overseas and other far flung places like.. Tacoma, WA.  Invariably, everyone needs their UPSes quickly.  However, filled with iron core transformers and lead batteries, these units arent light or cheap to ship.  A recent inquiry asked for the most KVA for the smallest and lightest format.

So that got me thinking, what are the best buys per pound... The winners are:

  1. APC 6000va 208v - 693G3 - 120lbs - 50va/lb
  2. APC 10,000va 208v - 1096g3 - 244lbs - 41va/lb
  3. Powerware 3000va 120v - pw312 - 81lb - 37va/lb
  4. APC backUPS 800va 120v - br800 - 22lbs - 36va/lb

June 7, 2010

Great ideas for Overseas Shipping

Here at GreenlightUPS we have seen an uptick in interest from people throughout the world looking to buy UPS units.  While normally, the heavy nature of UPS units makes it impossible to ship outside the country, being close to the port of Miami and Miami International Airport, allows some affordable options.

Our recommendation:
1) Buy Double Conversion/Online type UPS units, like the Powerware 2500va (at 36kg/74lbs) to keep the weight at a minimum
2) Buy at least 4 units to help defray the cost of shipping.
3) Get the unit to your country as cheap as possible and then use your local carrier to get it to your address.

Some examples:
Recently, a IT company in Bahrain needed some UPSes.  IQgloballogistics quoted 4 units from our Miami port to Bahrain for under $300.  Granted it took 44 days at sea, but it was very affordable.

A company in France needed two 10kva units. We first delivered the units to Miami Airport.  From there they flew Air France cargo to Paris for $218.    Then the customer arranged pickup from the airport to their address.   A rough cost of International Air cargo rates can be found here:    

A customer in Puerto Rico needed a 3000va unit.  In this case we took advantage of the heavily subsidized USPS service and shipped the unit is pieces.  150 total pounds for about $70.

June 3, 2010

Summer Sabbatical for the Bob in WeBob

I will be back at my Alma Mater, The University of The South, aka Sewanee for about a  month., starting next week.

Don't worry, I will still be answering calls, helping with orders and managing the operations... but will be doing it from the comfort of canoe in nice a cool pond in the mountains of Tennessee.

GreenlightUPS... official UPS sponsor of the FIFA World Cup?

We'll not exactly...  But when a major satellite company needed 20kva worth of UPS systems to provide backup to their equipment... they turned to us.  
They had 16 hours to evaluate, order and ship multiple UPS units from FL to their Air Cargo dock in CA, in time to fly over to South Africa.
None of the big guys could ship the units that quickly, let alone call them back.  We advised them on UPS approaches and selections, sold them on our International units, tested them, repacked them to meet FedEx delivery requirements and had them arrive in CA 10 hours later.
They told us of that some of their fellow satellite feed companies were still hoping to get their units from the big guys in time.  But with the World Cup starting next week....

What they needed
1) Needed International units
2) Needed Double Conversion Online UPS units (since all power is provided by Generators)
3) Needed 4 rack mount systems to split loads
4) Needed them under 100lbs

What they bought
a) 8000kva (896IG3)  - and yes its under 100lbs without batts
b) 5000kva (593IG3)
c) 3000kva (393IB) - not technically double conversion but good enough for backup