March 31, 2011

Maybe the default method should be Air Cargo

In a matter of just a couple weeks, we have had 4 Air Cargo deliveries.  (and ironically 1 year from when we first started it)
In some cases its cheaper, other times its just faster....and then sometimes cheaper and faster.

How does it work?
  • Your unit gets primary processing
  • We take it to the airport (FLL)
  • We put it on a flight and give you tracking info
  • You pick it up at the Airport's cargo facility area
Basic guidelines
  • Must be under 150lbs
  • Typically ~$1.50 per pound   (rate is based on actual cargo rate)
  • Sometimes a delivery charge is applied for us to go the airport (during rush hour)
  • Must be prepaid orders
  • Anywhere Delta, Southwest, American Airlines, and now Alaska Air fly

March 30, 2011

A Number 4 with a Coke and SNMP Card... Bundle Combos are back

While not as tasty as a Deluxe Spicy Chik-fil-A Sandwich... we offer UPS bundles of our popular extended run items.

These include the main UPS unit and Extended Run Cabinet both with fresh from the farm batteries, with some including a network management card and rail kit at usually 10-20% off store prices.  Plus shipping is cheaper!

The bundles include APC, Powerware, Liebert, HP, Tripplite in both Online or Line Interactive Topology for 120 or high voltage.

March 29, 2011

Ice Road Truckers... shipping to Alaska

We have shipped around the world including Poland, France, Korea, South Africa, and Brasil, but shipping 3541 miles to Alaska presented some challenges.

Theoretically, UPS, FedEx and USPS can offer ground shipment but do so at an incredible price.  A 1000va desktop and XL pack (#125) costs over $500 going UPS and takes 20 days.  Dont ask how much more the postal service was.

But again saving time and money... we shipped it via Alaska Airlines to Juneau airport for about $175

March 27, 2011

Looking for Easter Eggs at the GreenlightUPS site

As spring start and we count down to easter.  How appropriate to share with you some Easter Eggs from the website.

  • To get a spec page on any part... goto
  • To see a pixs of items as they ship... goto
  • To see a fake home page for some dark, miserablist, Absinthe-induced philosophy that I created for a Sewanee project... click here
  • Want to move next door?  We have a space to lease and its on our server here

March 26, 2011

My Inner UPS Child... recalls a TO212C

As part of my new occasional series, I will highlight a unit that fosters strong positive feelings from my emotional childhood memory.  Most of these units are from a bygone era  (circa 2006).

The first is the Tripplite 2200va Online 2U XL UPS.

And why not?  The TO212C is small and lightweight.  Its has a smooth face cover, small pimple-esque LEDs, and offers to room to grow runtime.  Even its price at under $500, recalls a simpler time when gas was only $3.25 a gallon.

Adapt a few today

March 24, 2011

Random Part of the Month VII - 450va Rack Mount UPS

I almost laughed, but APC makes a 450va 1U rack mount UPS unit..... SC450RM1U

God only knows what this will run and for how long.
Turns out it will put out a massive 280watts for 4 minutes.

The only good news, is that at 25 or so pounds, it wont hurt anyone's back putting it in the rack.  If I decide to sell it, I think the refurbished price would be that I pay you to take it.

Why wait for 5 days... get your unit today!

Pop Quiz....

  • If a truck carrying a UPS leaves from point A and goes 2500 miles moving at 40mph, when would the UPS arrive?
  • In 12hours if you upgrade to Same Day delivery by Air Cargo.  

Our customer was facing a $150 truck freight bill to get some items to AZ in 5 days.   By choosing to pickup the items at the Airport, he paid $50 more and got them in 12 hours.

Need something NOW?  Call us at 561-523-1925

March 23, 2011

UPSes way beyond the capacity of GreenlightUPS

During the coverage of the horrible events in Japan, it was reported that the UPS systems failed at the nuclear power plant.    This is why the pumps failed and coolant dried up.

That got me thinking,  what kind of UPS do you install at a nuclear power plant?

Not surprisingly,  its not much different than the units we sell.  Nuclear plants need power to run regular pumps, some computers, and some crazy loud horns to announce the end of the world.

APC doesnt make them,  but a company called "Chloride" makes them...

While I would recommend a name change for that company  (Chloride.. sounds like hydrochloric acid or Chlorine gas... i guess when you are protecting things that can kill millions, naming your company after a chemical that kills only thousands is strangely sane) 

Take a look at their brochure and see how many of the same issues and worries you have are also considered by the nuke guys.

New Section for Network Cards

As you may have noticed we now have more than APC UPS units...

Since we have added a large listing of Powerware, Tripplite, Liebert and HP units, we have added the network cards that go with them.

We dont keep that many of these in stock, so be warned.  Backorders are likely.

Also condition varies considerably.  The prices listed are for nearly new, open, or surplus.  If we have a "used" one, expect to save an additional 33% off these prices

Shop here...