December 16, 2010

13 years on eBay

Chefash auctions enters its 13th year on eBay today.

When we started there was no paypal, just Money orders and checks.  It seems like only yesterday, I would stand in line at a shady convenience store getting $4.65 money orders for the beanie baby of the day.

Today, as a Powerseller probably from ebay's inception and with a flawless feedback rating, we deliver good value to our customers on that platform.
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December 14, 2010

Bypass Switches for UPS Units

Many high end UPSes offer Bypass switches on their systems.  These systems allow power to flow past the UPS, directly to the load.  The purpose is to allow the UPS to be serviced without interrupting the load.  Unfortunately, this feature is very expensive for some reason.

On smaller UPS systems, APC recommends a SBP3000, which retails for $300.
On larger 5-16kva units, APC recommends a SBP16KP, which retails for $900
Finally, get a large Symmetra 80kva unit and your bypass panel is a 42u cabinet called a PD60F6FK1.  This monstrosity retails for $14,000.
Essentially these bypasses are transfer switches.  And like many electrical things in the UPS world, they cost  almost 10 times more than they should.  The SBP3000 can be replaced with a 2pole 30amp switch ($40),  a small 60amp transfer switch ($200) replaces the 16KP thing, and a 200amp transfer switch ($900) can be wired to have the same effect as the PD60 thing.

So if you need a bypass, consider the APC units, but email if you want more info on these alternatives.

December 12, 2010

Random APC Part of the month IV

There is rack mount format, tower mount, desktop and now... wall mount UPSes.

APC's BackUP HS Series units are wall mounted UPS units designed for structured wiring cabinets.  SWC are those fancy panels that terminate your whole house music, networking or other low voltage system equipment.

Interestingly, this might be a good solution for wireless hotspots, alarm panels, and applications where there is no floor space for the UPS.

APC's says its a "a compete management and power protection solution for structured wiring and home networking applications. It provides the flexibility to remotely manage the UPS and control the outlets via Web browser."

For now we DONT carry it, but it does secretly intrigue me.  Buy it here

December 11, 2010

Comments on the 10kva UPS Units

10,000va Rackmount UPSes are very popular.  Both APC and Tripplite make units that fit this powerful UPS into a 6U tower system.

Unfortunately, they dont seem to last.  I have noticed that especially the APC SURT10000s (1096g3) seem to fail.  When we get in UPS units from liquidators, surplusers and off lease companies, I can almost predict how many will be bad given the models.  For us  most units come in at under 10% complete failure.  (some like the 2200va 3u [203] never seem to fail)  But looking at our graveyard of UPSes units, I see many 10kva units.  Checking my purchase logs, it has been almost 40% come in DOA.

Why?  My guess is like the poor showing of the Dell 3000va 2Us, APC has forced such a large power handling system into too small of a housing.  So in the real world, when people don't properly cool the unit and overload it, the heat slowly kills it.

My advice is to buy two 5000va (593g3) units.  Its always cheaper and easier to wire.  Only buy those 10kva units if that one piece of equipment needs 30amps of power and go with the Tripplite (to1096) since they have an external PDU that keeps the wiring outside the main unit.  Never just for a server array.

December 10, 2010

Lightest and Smallest 3000va UPS Ever

As more and more of you request our UPS units to be shipped across the country and world, some are asking first about the weight.

As I have mentioned, besides the heavy lead batteries, there are two UPS technologies that weigh dramatically different.  Online UPSes weigh less than Line Interactive types.  However, Tripplite, now has a 3000va 2U Line Interactive unit that is smaller and lighter than an APC 1500va.

The Smart3000RM2U or tl312 (tl312c) is only 17.5 x 19 and weighs 64lbs.  This is smaller than the APC 1500 2U (402b) at 18.0 x 19.

So if you need a light UPS to ship or a small UPS for road shows this is a great buy.