January 15, 2015

FirstLightUPS Service Options

Many people are starting to take advantage of FirstLightUPS affordable UPS delivery.

Instead of shipping UPS units with FedEx Express or UPS Priority Freight, FirstLightUPS uses Air Cargo to a major airport and then local Courier for the final few miles.

Our FirstLight services gets the product to your local airport within 24hrs for you to pickup.  Or we can have a courier pick it up and arrange deliver that same day.

FirstLightUPS also offers AirGroundPlus service to remote locations far from the Airport.  Her we ship it to the airport and then have UPS ground pickup and deliver your item usually the next day. As an example we offered a customer in St George UT (2+ hrs from a major airport) AirGroundPlus service.  His 70lbs SUA1500RM2U unit would arrive in 2 days instead of 7 days for just $140 in shipping. The rate for traditional FedEx 2 day were $430.

This savings can be tremendous.   Look at this week's savings.   Traditional express services would have been hundreds more

  • 200lbs to San Fran for $200 FirstLight
  • 170lbs to Jamacia for $345 Next Day
  • 70lbs to Monteagle TN for $98 AirGroundPlus
  • 144lbs to NYC for $117 Next Day

First Newsletter for 2015 is out....

Right on schedule.... well maybe not right on schedule.... but close enough.

Our New Newsletter is filled with specials, tidbits, announcements, and fun..... "fun" is a probably a stretch

 A sneak peak:

UPS units delivered tomorrow... FirstLightUPS
UPS as a Service Page
Custom made cords and dongles Page
New Website Coming: Go UPS Go.com

January 13, 2015

The Sale that Never Was.... SUA2200 S&D for $339

I guess it started when yours truly, started barking that we have so many SUA2200s towers, but not a single one i could quickly sell and ship out one evening.  So many were missing bottom covers, had dents, and small cracks.  As I recall, I took nearly 10 out before i found one that could work on quickly.

So the Scratch & Dent Sale was set up for these guys.  We took photographs, redid the website and built a Mail Chimp spam email.  Then Super Salesman Nick.. called a few customers ahead of time and hours before the new campaign to start, we got an order for 10.

Sale Closed...

but we still have 1 more.... $339