September 7, 2013

World Rated Symmetra PX for the US Price

Recently, we have been getting more international customers.  While there are some great international single phase models, customers needing higher KVA solutions are forced to find the very rare APC International Models.

A recent customer looking for a 40kva solution for 400volt 3phase was about to buy APC's  $65,000 SY48K48H-PD unit and PD60H5HK1 bypass cabinet

Instead the found us and we went to work.. creating the Omni Power Symmetra PX

We took a refurbished bypass cabinet and installed a high quality Schneider SquareD transformer.  This converted their 400volt 50hz power into 208volt power.  Next we added the standard US made Symmetra PX 40kva unit.  Then we output to several 3phase PDUs that broke the power down to standard server rated 230volt power

This project cost under $30,000.