June 2, 2015

Cheap-O Deep-O :: Best Value High Voltage Rackmounts

Can't get enough Cheap O Deep O?

Here are the best High Voltage deals...
Remember, these are the weBob Blog's best bets... You will need call Bob 954-580-4070 or email to get these great deals.

Mid Level High Voltage = the e393z for $397
Get a LCD 3kva high voltage unit for under $400.   These dont have their finishing covers, but they are 100% functional and look great IMO

Full Rack 5kva High Voltage = the hp593 for $797
Its hard to find a better deal for these robust 3U 5kva units.   We got many of them in their original boxes, but no one is buying them.  Price started at over $1300.

High & Low Voltage Solution = the to598 for $1197
Do you still need regular 120v outlets?  Then this puppy is for you.  A true Online unit for pure power with a stepdown transformer.   All for less than most 5kva regular units

Large MultiRack solution = the 796g3 for $1597

While a 8kva unit can be over $2500, the 7500 version by IBM is a small fraction of it