October 9, 2014

PowerTower Systems - Days of runtime with a UPS

Many people are faced with needing a ridiculous amount of runtime and dont have the option for a generator.

People start looking for a UPS that can backup some critical equipment for a day.

With that in mind, we created the PowerTower line of UPS systems.

The PowerTower is a regular UPS with giant battery cabinets attached.  The above installation needed 500watts for 24hours.  

They got it with a APC Smart UPS 2200 plus three (3) Big Momma packs.  This unit had 12 car sized batteries in it, but delivered.

Beware, they are very expensive.  This PowerTower23 cost over $3500 dollars.  But compared with a $18,000 generator or $9500 UPS recommend by APC... The Power Tower met its need

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