October 11, 2014

The Secret Symmetra RM 7800 Model

One reason I love my job is that we are always learning... be it a strange UPS failure, a simple repair trick, an electrical mishap or a quirky UPS spec.

This weekend we got something that combined many of my favorite challenges.

A Symmetra RM unit was powering a lab instrument and during the few seconds of start-up it was going to overload.  It worked fine other than that, but the daily overload alarms were causing concern for our customer.

We checked out and the instrument was peak loading to 26 amps at 208 volt.   The customer dreaded to replace this great unit, but he thought he had no other choice.

Good-News-Bob to the rescue.......!

While 26 amps at 208 volt exceeds the 4200 watt Symmetra, this little guy has an overload cushion built in.   Simply install a 4th power module and the 4200 watt limit is increased by 30%.    While its not permanent, it lasts upto 10 minutes.. more than enough for start-ups.

Bottomline the Symmetra 6000 can become a 7800!